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A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun: Psychic Camera Review

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

It doesn't take a psychic to figure out this isn't worth your time.

Although Nintendo started off by releasing a few tricks directly taken from the retail game Master of Illusion/Magic Made Fun, they've also developed a few new ones that take advantage of the DSi's single big new feature — the camera. This particular trick will allow you to take a photo of a friend after telling him to name a playing card, after which the DSi will magically add said card into the picture.

Of course, this is once again all just a complete lie, because as the 29-step tutorial (really, how hard could it be?) reveals, what actually happens is that you discreetly enter a "code" that tells the DSi exactly what the card is. And it honestly couldn't get any simpler.

When taking the photo and viewing the result, you'll have to tap a number of on-screen buttons (Simple things like "Take photo" and "View"). The corners of these buttons are actually coded, similar to Mind Probe: depending on which one you hit, you'll tell the system exactly what suit and number the card is. For example, hitting the bottom-left twice will always get you the ace of clubs.

If you're feeling particularly magical, you can also choose to have the person you're tricking draw a simple figure in the center of a piece of paper. You must then tell him to cut out the bit of paper that contains the figure. While he or she's doing so - prepare for a facepalm - you must draw the same figure on the DSi's touch screen using your finger, so that when your friend is done cutting, the figure will magically be on the DSi's screen, just as if you copied his drawing while he/she wasn't looking. Oh, wait!

Once you've tried the trick out once, you'll get an incredibly useful "tip from a magician." This incredibly smart man's wise advice will tell you to never ever reveal your tricks to others — if they ever ask you to repeat the trick, say you'll do it again next time, or offer another trick instead. Be sure to follow this advice lest you want your friends to find out what a ripoff the game you spent money on really is.


As of the time of this writing, there's five A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun games available on the European DSiWare service, with that number soon going up to six. We pray to the stars that that will be the final release, because it's quite clear that, even at 200 DSi Points, these will never, ever be worth the price.

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The_Fox said:

Wow.......that sounds terrible. I'm sure a few suckers people will claim it being only 200 points makes it worthwhile.



Knux said:

This is one of the reasons why the PSN service for the PSP is so much better than DSiWare. You actually get real games on PSN while this kind of shovelware appears on DSiWare. If it weren't for Shantae Risky's Revenge, I would have given up hope on DSiWare. Why does Nintendo feel the need to create shovelware on DSiWare is beyond me.



Hardy83 said:

It's hilarious that Nintendo themselves are creating the most shovelware on DSiWare and it's the third parties that are making the quality stuff.

As a famous director would say.
"What a twist!"



Xkhaoz said:

They just need to stop making these, or bundle all of them in one game. Or make them free.



Adamant said:

Or make something that's not another "tap the screen in the right places to tell the game what answer to give" trick, since all these Magic Made Fun things are just variations on each other and ridiculously obvious.



Good said:

This is why we need downloadable Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games for the DSi.



Kyloctopus said:

Dear Nintendo.
Give us something decent, by putting this "shovel ware" (whatever that is) you are not making the retail MOI any better.

Dear Nintendo Life.
This game does not deserve a 2/10. It deserves a 2/10,000

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