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Impress your friends with mesmerising magic using A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun – a collection of easy-to-perform tricks that you can carry wherever you go.

Psychic Camera appears to bestow the Nintendo DSi with incredible telepathic abilities. Simply ask a spectator to think of a card and then take a photo of them using the Nintendo DSi system's camera function. The correct card will magically appear next to the person's face!

You can also perform a variation of the trick in which the spectator thinks of a symbol instead of a card. Take the spectator's photo and the symbol they were thinking of will appear on the screen - as if by magic.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

It doesn't take a psychic to figure out this isn't worth your time.

Although Nintendo started off by releasing a few tricks directly taken from the retail game Master of Illusion/Magic Made Fun, they've also developed a few new ones that take advantage of the DSi's single big new feature — the camera. This particular...

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WarioFan63 said:

I think this one is specifically tailored for DSi so I hope it fares better then the others.



saitho95 said:

I own the original-full-game so I didn't buy the released parts, but THIS could be interesting, because it seems to use the camera ^^



Kyloctopus said:

This game is the stupidest game I heard. Congradulation Big N. IF IT'S FAKE IT WOULDN'T BE CALLED ILLUSION.

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