PC Build

Ever wanted to join the PC master race, but only have access to a Nintendo Switch? Well, soon you'll be able to create the custom rig of your dreams when PC Building Simulator arrives on the hybrid console at some point in the near future.

This information about The Irregular Corporation title comes from a listing within Nintendo's latest earnings release. The game itself features real-world licensed components along with comprehensive hardware and software simulation. Your role in this simulator is to "build and grow" an enterprise as you learn to diagnose, fix, build and benchmark PCs. You can even run your own tests in 3DMark! It's just like the real thing.

There's no word on when this game will be released on Switch, but the listing itself dates back to 30th July 2019. This simulator originally started out as an Early Access title on Steam in March 2018 and has even helped some players build their own custom PC in the real world.

Would you be interested in creating a custom PC on your Switch? Leave a comment below.

[via nintendo-insider.com]