Last year, we reported that Nintendo had won a lawsuit against the popular go-kart company based in Tokyo, MariCar. The business was known for attracting tourists with its Nintendo-themed costumes and go-karts. Even the branding of MariCar (though officially known as Mari Mobility Development Co.) was a cheeky play on the title of Mario Kart.

Despite being told to pay 10 million yen ($89,000) and required to stop using Nintendo-themed costumes, the company defied orders and continued providing costumes to patrons, making it abundantly clear that they had no intention of obeying the initial court judgement.

However, now MariCar has lost its subsequent appeal and a court has maintained IP violations against the company. The official website of the go-kart company is, at the time of writing, "under maintenance."

UPDATE: It appears the official website is back up and has rebranded since the time of publication.

What do you make of this judgement? Would you like to see Nintendo open up an official Mario Kart-themed attraction in the upcoming Nintendo World in Japan? Let us know in the comments!