MariCar IMG

Even the law can't stop Tokyo's Mari Mobility company, formerly known as MariCar. After last month's reports the unlicensed Mario Kart business would be required to pay 10 million yen (roughly $88,000) in damages and immediately stop wearing Mario-themed outfits, it was believed Nintendo had finally got its way.

Now, news has surfaced the ride business that prides itself on being a Mario Kart knock-off is defying court orders. According to Livedoor News via Kotaku, Mari Mobility riders continue to wear Mario-themed outfits as the service appeals the ruling. Here are some tweets revealing the daily operations are back to normal:

As previously explained, Nintendo originally filed the lawsuit in February 2017, with the intention to protect its "valued intellectual property" that it had carefully maintained over the years. At the time, it said it would continue to take necessary measures against infringement of intellectual property. The unofficial Mario Kart ride service has also come under fire in the past for causing havoc on local streets - with tourists even crashing the vehicles.

What do you think about this and how do you expect Nintendo to react? Are you surprised to see this go-kart company is still using Nintendo costumes to reenact Mario Kart on the streets of Tokyo? Tell us below.