Here at Nintendo Life we like clever little finds, things that fit just right for exquisite display or travel purposes, and pretty much anything related to the Game Boy. Amazingly, these three things have now been perfectly combined and we felt a deep urge to share the goodness with you lovely lot.

Twitter user @BalrogGameRoom posted this image online, proving that you can store up to 15 Switch games inside a Game Boy game cartridge case. If you're anything like us, you'll have dozens of these little plastic cases lying around somewhere in the loft, patiently waiting to be used again like in the good old days.


A quick search online will show you numerous options for carrying your Switch and its games around with you, but if you do happen to have any of these old cases at your disposal, this could be a very cool - and free - way to take your favourite titles on the go.

Just make sure you don't lose it!