Tough-as-nails 3D brawler Furi is coming to the Switch next year, it has been announced.

Featuring character designs by Takashi Okazaki (Afro Samurai) and boasting a soundtrack which contains the likes of Carpenter Brut and Danger, Furi focuses on intense one-on-one battles and has been compared to Japanese titles like No More Heroes, Metal Gear Solid and Godhand.

Creative Director Emeric Thoa explains why this version is so special:

Furi is a game that’s constantly taunting you. There is something deeply personal about a boss fight: it’s just you against one opponent. And being interrupted is even more frustrating than losing. But with the Switch, you can take the game and all of its boss fights with you wherever you go.

The Switch port will have feature parity with other versions and will include all of the content and improvements released so far. The price will be 20/20€.

Our friends over at Push Square awarded the PS4 version 7/10, saying:

Furi excels when you're in the heat of the moment, fighting for survival against great looking boss characters. Super responsive controls elevate the action, and a fantastic soundtrack only adds to the brilliant rush that the game's capable of providing - it's just a shame that everything outside of the crisp combat doesn't quite measure up. When Furi's on point, it looks, sounds, and feels incredible, but a little too often, it struggles to maintain its intensity.

Will you be laying down some cash for this when it arrives?