We're into the final few weeks before the festive season - that's another month of shopping before some much needed downtime to wrap up the year. Nintendo's had a fantastic 2017 with the launch of the Switch, and is naturally hoping to finish it strongly.

Perhaps due to the different shopping habits in Japan - some of the biggest Japanese hardware sales come in December, whereas the 'Black Friday' phenomenon makes November the big month in various Western territories - Nintendo is just now pushing a major new ad campaign for the Switch in its homeland. The festive-themed trailers show people enjoying the Switch in various ways, wrapping up with a festive get-together.

They're arguably a bit cheesy - we're not sure about the song, frankly - but they do get the job done. The first focuses on young gamers and their families, while the second shifts to trendy young adults. Check them out below.

Do you like these Japanese commercials for the Nintendo Switch?