As Nintendo releases more snazzy coloured Joy-Con controllers, those of us doomed to the grey variation by limited early pre-order options can't help but contemplate the pricey but necessary upgrade to brighter alternatives. The upcoming Super Mario Odyssey bundle includes some rather nice red Joy-Con controllers, albeit in the West you can only get these with the system - they're going on sale separately in Japan.

The internet and the science behind lighting being what they are, people have been considering just how red the controllers are, with some wondering how different they are from the 'Neon Red' versions that are so common. Well, our chums at Family Gamer TV have taken a look and compared the new controllers to various other versions; check it out below.

Rather like with limited edition Wii Remotes we expect Nintendo will continue to roll out new colours and variations of Joy-Con controllers in the years to come. After all, if they release them we'll probably buy them.