We reported yesterday that Super Mario Odyssey might have a multiplayer option, and those of you that then watched the Nintendo Treehouse with us through E3 day three will have seen it in action. Not everyone watched all day though, so here's a catch-up.

As you can see, using one Joy-Con each the second player controls Cappy, with the ability to fly around and collect coins, provide a platform and generally be helpful. Mario can also help Cappy, though it's worth noting that only Mario is able to finish the deal and collect moon pieces. 

It seems like a nice way for a second player to join in with a bit less pressure. Our only question mark is whether it's a good idea for both players to have the ability to control the camera, but naturally it's down to teams to work together and avoid any viewpoint snafus. Overall it reminds us of a slightly beefed up variation on the pointer co-op we saw in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Let us know what you think of this co-op gameplay footage in Super Mario Odyssey with a comment below.