Lego City Undercover

Many of you will no doubt remember the panic that erupted about a week ago, where an evidently misprinted box for Lego City Undercover mentioned that the game would require an eye-watering 13 GB install to play. Fortunately, WB was quick to dismiss this, though perhaps an update of that size might've been useful. All the same, the game is out in the wild now and a post launch patch has accompanied the release.

It seems that nobody can figure out what it does yet, but the patch weighs in at a fairly meaty 479 MB. It certainly doesn't fix the load times and it doesn't seem to fix the framerate, but the size of the patch does seem to suggest something important. Hopefully TT Games will put out patch notes at some point so we can have a clearer picture.

What do you think? Have you noticed any change? How do you think Lego City on Switch compares to the Wii U version? Drop us a comment in the section below.