Earlier this week we shared a substantial Nintendo Switch teardown, which went to extraordinary lengths to deconstruct the system, Joy-Con and dock. Another one has popped up on our feed, and provides some nice accessible analysis and more looks at the system's innards.

This time around it's The Ben Heck Show checking it out, and they seem rather impressed with the engineering and design of the system, albeit a little baffled at the mishmash of screws. It's described as more 'laptop' in design than smart device, which is a positive, and one assessment that stood out is that due to the design it'll be easy to swap out the flash memory for a larger capacity. Oh yes, it hurts to be an early adopter.

Check it out below.

We're going to keep our systems in one piece, though - we'd rather play the games than worry about putting it back together.

[via youtube.com]