On a regular basis Nintendo of America hosts events where members of the public engage in some gimmickry to promote a game. Sometimes they're fun, like the weird Splatoon assault course thing of 2015, or they're rubbish like a Disney teen star playing Disney Art Academy on stage at the Nintendo NY Store. Press releases, normally with four crisp images, are sent out, and we decide just how slow a news day it is in terms of whether to cover them.

Today's example caught our eye, not because it was a 30th August event promoting Style Savvy: Fashion Forward, but because it used one picture to plug the snappily title 'New Galaxy Style New Nintendo 3DS XL'. Aside from the sin of using the same adjective twice in a product name (what's next, the New Red New Nintendo 3DS: New Edition?), it's a device that's puzzled this writer. Why that design? It feels random, though in our dreams it's a precursor to a Nintendo Direct reveal of Super Mario Galaxy Collection on New 3DS. We said 'in our dreams', so don't shout at us for teasing in the comments.

The new unit seems to pop up twice, once for sure. The first example is a maybe, as we think Nintendo Minute's Krysta is holding one of them in the first picture. The second is more obvious, with a young girl looking distinctly unimpressed (at least to us) while playing the game; we've included the press release blurb for each image.

That got us thinking (slow news day, remember?), and we looked at the box art for this game - though lacking the purple nebula splodge or the New 3DS design, it's nevertheless a starry night-time sky. And the new system has 'Style' in its name. Yeah, we know, it's a stretch.

Other theories are that it could be related to Pokémon Moon, or it's just a random bit of hardware weirdness that Nintendo's released because it felt like it.

Hey, we're just trying to make sense of this most unexpected of New 3DS designs. Hopefully Nintendo will be a little less confounding in the 3DS Nintendo Direct on 1st September.