For Monster Hunter fans there can never be enough of a good thing, which Capcom seems to know with its monthly deliveries of DLC. Of course gamers in the West don't get all of the spin-offs and variations that grace Japan - we're hoping that Monster Hunter X (Cross) will buck that trend.

With a renewed action focus and approach, a little different from the complexity that's loved so much in the core series, this new title looks like an exciting side-step for the franchise. Due this year in Japan, we're still waiting for localisation details.

Lots of information is out there on this game, however, and we've become fans of the gaijin hunter YouTube channel, which gives details and stylish overviews of magazine features from Japan. This time around Famitsu has a lot of information, and if you have a comfy seat and 28 minutes we recommend catching up with all of the details below.

Fans are taking to Twitter with the hashtag #MHXForTheWest to try and rally Capcom into localising this title. Well, it's worth a shot.