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Video: This Pixel-Powered Chiptune Tale, Pulse Fighter, Shows The Power of Game Boy

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

This'll pummel your senses

As you may have read earlier today, it's the 25th anniversary of the Game Boy in North America, another welcome landmark for the venerable portable console. This dramatic three-minute tale is perfect for the occasion, as a result.

The video, entitled "Pulse Fighter", is the work of m7kenji (visuals) and chiptune artist Toriena. A plucky hero is trying to rid the world of evil, and when overpowered after a brave fight uses an Amazon-like service — Kumazon — to order a lot of speakers. The solution for saving the world also involves a Game boy.

It's bonkers and a real treat for the eyes and ears. Check it out below, though those with epilepsy should be warned that it has some flashing images.

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Tsurii said:

That was so damn silly...but in the best possible way
Really like it!



DreamOn said:

Now I'm looking for the album. Seems that's still in the works for people in the west



DinoFett said:

This site needs GameBoy chip-tune coverage regularly as I listen to this style of music everyday.



Freeon-Leon said:

@WiiULoveSquid You should check Souleye's music, his work in VVVVVV was amazing, plus he has some other nice tunes.

There are many 8 bit artists out there but let me recommend you some guys I personally know:

Chema 64
Pi mark
Danimal Cannon

EDIT: Oh yeah and Virt.



Smooty said:

I LOVE Chiptune!
Here are the best of the best for me!
Starscream (Infinity shred now)
and theres more but i forgot :3



StarDust4Ever said:

That's cute! One of the best chiptune vids I've seen since Trucker's Delight. I loved how she bought the items on Google too, for like $999 with express free shipping by truck and helicopter, LOL...

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