Game Boy NL

The Game Boy recently celebrated the 25th anniversary for its release in Japan, a reminder of the enduring legacy of one of Nintendo's greatest creations. Its role in transforming the games industry and popularising portable systems can't be overlooked, not to mention the various franchises and classic games that define it.

The original may have had a monochrome screen and a 'brick' form, yet some still feel that the original hardware can't be beaten for sheer portable gaming joy. Overwhelmed by nostalgia or not, there's certainly an inherent charm in the Old Boy, as we can perhaps call it in the most affectionate way.

We're not shy of celebrating the system here on Nintendo Life, and if you want to bask in its retro glow you should certainly check out our 25th Anniversary feature from earlier this year, while we also gave it the hardware classics treatment in early 2013.

If celebrating through music is your thing, you should check out the free album, Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary, which has been published by OverClocked ReMix. It features 15 cool tracks re-arranged by a total of 16 artists; there's a trailer below, and you can download it from the album's official website.

Happy Birthday, Game Boy. Share your memories and thoughts on the iconic system in the comments below.