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This Super Smash Bros. Screen K.O. Shot is a Great Start to the Weekend

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It looks awesome in motion

It's Friday, which means many of us can look ahead to a weekend of relaxation and, probably, some games. Sadly the new Super Smash Bros. entries aren't included on our list of games to play, but we can nevertheless get into the weekend spirit with Masahiro Sakurai's latest Miiverse Pic of the Day.

This entry is perfect end-of-week fodder, especially as it shows one of the most amusing animations in the new titles. The screen K.O. shot isn't new, of course, but the first time we saw it in the Wii U version we couldn't help but laugh — it looks fantastic in motion, and is actually pretty amusing with the 3D on the 3DS, too. In addition, Sakurai-san took the chance to explain some balancing that'll kick in towards the end of a brawl.

Pic of the day. Here's a Screen K.O. shot. There are also patterns where players will disappear into the sky for Star K.O.s, but as a match's time limit approaches, those K.O.s will not occur anymore.

Remember, only with the power of HD can you so accurately replicate Mario's chubby cheeks squishing against glass. The wonders of technology.

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Einherjar said:

So, if i understood that correctly, once the timer runs out, every character will be smashed against the screen instead of falling into the background, should they get KOed ?



andrewmated said:

@Einherjar I think the side screen, falling, and ceiing KOs will still be in affect too. I think the point is KOs will be faster in order to avoid character not getting off screen in time for a timed match.



Einherjar said:

@andrewmated Thats what i meant, maybe worded a little off
To be perfectly honest, i hated background KOs in timed matches for exactly this reason.

@Tsurii897 Its mostly a perspective thing. Also, the neutral lighting of the stage doesnt help create depth But to be honest, as long as it does look awful in a split second frame and not in general, i can live with that



ModestFan93 said:

@Einherjar Yep. Man you don't know how many times I won in a match because I was Star KO'd and another person was blown into oblivion or jumped off the edge and wanted to be funny.

Wait Star KOs still in the game, yes!



NintyMan said:

The fact that they actually hit and slide down the screen is a very nice touch and it's surprising it's taken them this long to implement it. I didn't think about this preventing incidents of late star KOs from not registering at first; that's another good idea.

While many of us agonize about the characters, I'm hopeful that the games themselves will still be a blast to play.



BakaKnight said:

The KO against screen are hilarious XD

But am I the only one that during the E3 Smash tournament found them lasting too much? Granted it's a matter of few frames, but I got the impression it was enough for cause troubles to other players >.>;



Einherjar said:

@BakaKnight What exactly do you mean by "cause troubles" ?
That they obscure the screen for too long ? Hmm..i can see that getting a bit iffy in certain situations requiering precision. But they dont last as long as star KOs (or background KOs as im used to call them), so its possible to get a few last minute KOs in even while doing them.
Star KOs took at least 4-5 seconds if i recall correctly, while the screen smashes roughly take 2-3.
But im not even sure when exactly they are flagged as a KO. Does the character need to fall off screen, or are they official KOs once the animation is triggered ?



BakaKnight said:

@Einherjar My bad for not being specific ^_^;

I was only refering to the fact the action get obscured while a character slam against the screen. While watching the tournament I had the impression those KOes (despite looking awesome and hilarious) were long enough for have the effect of a shorter version of the Nintendog assist trophy.



Yoshi said:

"There are also patterns where players will disappear into the sky for Star K.O.s, but as a match's time limit approaches, those K.O.s will not occur anymore."

YES!! I hated losing so many matches because of that flippin' Star K.O. taking too long especially when I'm about to reach the time limit.



AlexSora89 said:

Makes sense. The nitpicky Smash competitive scene - seriously, if anything is potentially slightly unbalanced, they will moan about it - describes screen K.O.s as frowned upon in the SmashWiki article. Why, you ask? Because it takes a different amount of time to respawn, that's why!

I don't like Sakurai's trolling antics at times, but once you think about it, the guy has the right to be fed up with the series' fanbase. He even made screen KOs a bit slower, and now it turns out neither variant of top blast line KOs (namely, star KOs and screen KOs) don't occur at random. If the competitive Smash scene doesn't fully embrace the fourth game, they're just unpleasable.



NodesforNoids said:

At the very end of the match, the characters that smash into the screen should slide down in a humorous way. Luigi could even death stare the audience as he slid!



umegames said:

Hmm that's kinda lame, I've had some pretty exciting matches won and lost because of the timer by less than 1 second on upward k.o.'s



Melkac said:

I'll never get over how attractive Little Mac is. I really like his design!

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