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Video: Here's a Charming Mario Kart 8 Song to Start Your Week

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Goodbye Blue Shell by Ryan Craddock

A good number among the Nintendo Life community have, we suspect, emerged blinking into the daylight after Mario Kart 8's arrival last week — a full weekend of racing can be a tiring endeavour. As such we may need a pick-me-up to get through the start of another week.

This song from budding YouTube artist Ryan Craddock, a keen Nintendo fan that's previously entered contests such as Nintendo UK's #My3DS campaign, may help those Monday morning blues. His latest video is all about the blue shell, and a tribute to the Super Horn that can finally take it down — there are prayers offered to Nintendo 'Gods' and a scene involving a baseball bat and shell; you can guess what happens.

Most importantly, this is actually a nice song, so check it out and let us know what you think.

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ModestFan93 said:

Haha the beat is always the best part of a song. And he nailed it perfectly. What a lovely song and the video was amazing too. Favorite part was the Scooby-Doo inspired chase seen. And of course the beating up of the Blue Shells.



GoomyPie said:

For a moment, I thought this was going to be a parody of "Goodbye Blue Sky" by Pink Floyd.



luke88 said:

"I can go out, not that I would, I've never seen Peach look this good" ha : ) Great song, guys got a good sense of humour, I enjoyed it a lot.



Pikachu87 said:

great song, although I am a fan of the blue shell. Now bullet bill on the other hand...



DaemonSword said:

"Goodbye, Blue-shell. I'm crying over you!!! Crying, crying, crying over yoooouuuuuu!!!!" lol #silenceofthelambs #clerks2

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