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Spider-Man's Sworn Enemy Venom Revealed In Wii U Disney Infinity 2.0 Pack

Posted by Andy Robertson

Another Marvel favourite

As we approach E3, news of all things Nintendo comes thick and fast — in fact, you never quite know where it’s going to pop up next. Today we had news of a Wii U Disney Infinity 2.0 pack including Venom.

Venom is one of Spider-Man's arch-enemies and is a slightly unusual character – not least as the name has belonged to several different hosts over the years (but let’s not get into that now).

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The news comes from some preview packaging in Target in the US. It was on the Wii U version and also suggests a release date of the game for September 23rd, which is earlier than the previously suggested October date.

There will be plenty more about Disney Infinity at E3 for sure, but which characters do you want to see most?

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Mega719 said:

Cool so i guess the Spider-Man playset would be Spider-Man and Green Goblin not a host of villain s. Hope Sandman and Lizard is in



Joalro said:

That Venom costume is very, very strange. Overall, it has the overall look of Eddie Brock Venom, but the spider is actually more closely resembling Flash Thompson Venom.



paburrows said:

@Joalro Well looking at it I believe that's the current Venom which has a different host who is able to control the symbote somehow and is somewhat of a good guy.



Joalro said:

Yes, that's Flash Thompson, AKA Agent Venom. Except look up a picture of Agent Venom, he has a completely different "build". He looks more like a commando, but he has those Spider-markings, particularly the white going along the collar bones.

Comparing that to Eddie Brock Venom, where the spider legs all go in the same direction. But this build is DEFINITELY Eddie Brock Venom

EDIT: On second look, the spider design is actually different from both of them. Flash Thompson Venom has two spider legs around his shoulders, not one. Perhaps this is a different Venom that I'm not aware of? I try to keep up on the Marvel Universe, but I'm not a hardcore reader.



jjmesa16 said:

I'm surprised that Venom made it instead of the Green Goblin, Mysterio, or Electro (although they might appear later). Venom seems like a more mature-rated villain compared to the others, especially for a Disney game. I'm still excited for this game but I think I'll wait to buy it until more Disney characters come out.



Gold said:

Am I the only one who doesn't like that Youtuber in the Disney Infinity 2.0 video above?



rjejr said:

I think Disney marketing has completely lost it's mind. I know this youtube video isn't representative of Disney but they are advertising Disney 2.0 w/ Marvel and also the Brave girl and Maleficient? Venom's a great idea to try and pull in a different demographic but I can see parents being confused wondering if Disney Infinity 2.0 is a new game, or if the Marvel characters will work in it or the original game, or they will be looking for Disney Infinity: Marvel edition. I guess they'll get it all straightened out at E3 but right now I think they would have issues selling this. Well maybe Disney wouldn't but the poor clerks at Toys R Us would be answering a lot of questions. I know I've helped out a lot of confused parents - moms and dads - at the Skylanders racks while I've been shopping and they are pretty straight forward.



Savino said:

I will buy it in no time for... Err... Hmmm... My kids! Yeah, my kids!



RIC616 said:

The current Flash Thompson Venom does usually have a smaller build, but he can, and has, changed build to the larger Venom when he loses control (or wants to really scare someone). The markings are certainly Flash Venom.

Wasn't that fussed about the game to be honest but my son saw the trailer when we went to pick up Mario Kart and so now desperately wants it, which actually has me secretly pleased. I can now justify the toys to my girlfriend.



Gold_Ranger said:

He looks like a combination of:
Eddie Brock 2.0 - The Tongue (I hate that Tongue!
Mac Gargan
Flash Thompson



Captain_Gonru said:

@rjejr As one of those retailers (not at Toys 'R Us, though), I can safely say that we could use more of you around. I've had days where I start talking with one bewildered parent, and end up practically teaching a class to a group by the time I've finished.
Oh, and @Kaine_Morrison, I'd tell you off if you weren't right on. The overwhelming majority of my equivalents are underinformed at best. The reasons why are legion, but most involve money. I've told the story before of my experience at a Gamestop trying to preorder the Cirlce Pad Pro. Long story short, it took a literal fifteen minutes to convince the clerk that no, I'm not asking for a PS3 game, rather a 3DS accessory for which your company is the sole offline retailer.



Gold_Ranger said:

Take a look at my post a few under yours, all will be explained.
I used to work in retail, the sheer amount of people that don't know what they are selling or talking about is mind boggling.



Jetson said:

Cool I guess, but I still hold out hope that they will announce a deadpool figure, sure they would have to scale back his humor and such for a broader audience, but he can still be quiet funny without inappropriate humor imo



Captain_Gonru said:

For me, I have to reconvince myself that no, I don't need to fill my house with these. It will come down to the Nintendo NFC figures or this, frankly. This would be option #2. Not that I don't think will be fun, mind you. I've thoroughly enjoyed the Avengers series of movies (the show has had its moments, too), but I was more a DC kid.
Captain America looks cool, though...



Mr-X9000 said:

what are marvel comics characters doing in this game? this isnt a marvel comics game



gamerphil07 said:

Yeah, they put the best Marvel villain, scratch that, best marvel character, scratch that, best comic book character ever in the game!



Link506 said:

I never liked the idea of Disney Infinity. First thing I didn't like: Disney. They have been getting worse and worse over the years, but everyone seems to like them more and more. Take Frozen for example, everyone loves it (Except me), but they have done better. So this video game sounds as good as the movies. The other thing I don't like: The price. It's 2 or 3 times more than skylanders, then adding the pricey characters, it just adds up. And the overall game is about as good as any other decent game, but like $60 cheaper. The only thing that draws me to it is the marvels characters. I'm a huge marvel fan. But even with that, I really don't think I was worth it. And I hope no one starts saying that I hate it even before I've started playing it, because I have all 3 skylanders games, and have tried Disney Infinity. I just don't think I'll bite for a 4th time.



Action51 said:

Wow, what platform were they showing the actual in game footage on? This game looks horrid...I guess for a pure "playground" sandbox it's...passable...but it looks like a half-finished game engine with no effects or lighting running and random objects dropped in...nice looking figurines, but a very bland looking gameworld.



TwilightAngel said:

@xj0462 Yes it was and that was a good thing cause when disney bought marvel. They thought disney would ruin marvel, then the avengers movie came out and that shut up all the haters against disney.



Dave24 said:

@midnafanboy and then Iron Man 3 came out and I thanked God they didn't have time to touch upon awesomeness of Kick-ass 2.

And the buy out took place in 2009, not 2012. In 2012 they bought Lucasfilm/arts



ModestFan93 said:

@midnafanboy Um Disney still sucks. And the buyout was in 09'. Another thing is that Disney producers all the Marvel movies but they are nowhere in the Director's sit so that's why The Avengers didn't tank. On the other hand they've created garbage after garbage and people still continue to defend them. I despise modern Disney for being complete and total copouts. Case in point Frozen.

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