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Mon 21st Oct 2013

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Jetson commented on Spider-Man's Sworn Enemy Venom Revealed In Wii...:

Cool I guess, but I still hold out hope that they will announce a deadpool figure, sure they would have to scale back his humor and such for a broader audience, but he can still be quiet funny without inappropriate humor imo



Jetson commented on Mario Kart 8 Free Wii U Game Promotion Extende...:

0_0 Lucky, I wish we could pick out of 10 games in NA, correct me if I'm wrong, but we can only pick out of 4 games in the U.S. and out of the ones available the only one I don't have is Wii Party U, which I don't even know if its worth taking the time to download



Jetson commented on Final Skylanders SWAP Force Figure, Doom Stone...:

Lol, maybe 6 months ago, imo they should have released their figures within a few months of release, not 6 or 7 months later, though I admit, he does look pretty awesome and I would have picked him up if he was available when I got swap force