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E3 2014: Project Giant Robot Revealed as Experimental Wii U Project

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Tilt the torso on the GamePad, punch and grab with sticks

As part of what appears to have been an accidental leak by Time, Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed Star Fox for Wii U along with two Wii U concepts; one of these is Project Giant Robot.

This appears to be more a 'tech demo' than an established game, to be clear, but serves as a demonstration of Shigeru Miyamoto's focus to emphasize the gameplay capabilities of the GamePad. This project is described as "almost like a full-body game of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots", in which the enormous robot's body and torso is controlled through motion, while sticks are used to punch and grab. The GamePad will show a first-person point of view, while the TV has a zoomed out perspective.

We'll perhaps see more in the Nintendo Digital Event, and we'll certainly aim to go heads on at E3 itself.


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babyguess said:

Yes, focus on the GP and any other peripherals you can connect to it to extend gameplay, it already has the 'special' connector on the bottom.



NintyMan said:

Miyamoto's new IPs will be interesting to see in motion.

Oh boy, Mario must be tempted to want to jump on the TIME writer's head while Luigi simultaneously gives him or her the death stare.



Sixdemonbag said:

Stop revealing all of these leaks by Time. If you claim to be on Nintendo's side, can't you just let them have their moment in the sun?



Lan said:

Eeeeeh...I think Miyamoto should focus less on motion controls



AshFoxX said:

Good to see that Miyamoto actually gives a flying hoot about the gamepad seeing as everyone else, Nintendo AND fans, seemed to have given up on it.

I knew there was great potential hidden away in that gamepad. I always knew it.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

I hope they refine this for a new punch out. Kaiju-esque action is fine with me however. Will monitor this.



crzysortagamer said:

The concept is fine, but I think they really need to focus on marketing, because at it's core it is not that appealing. Either that or it needs to have an amazing multiplier. Of course I am no from Japan and dont appreciate robots as much as they do

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