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Color Zen to Chill Out on the Wii U eShop in North America Today, Europe on 22nd May

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

And... relax

A little ahead of the official North American download update from Nintendo, it's been confirmed that chilled-out puzzle game Color Zen will arrive on the Wii U eShop today; it'll come to Europe one week later on 22nd May.

Developed by Large Animal and published by Cypronia, this is being plugged as a "new kind of puzzle game". With headphones encouraged, it appears to revolve around connecting abstract shapes and colours, with 460 levels and a focus on the soundtrack with work from musician Steve Woodzell.

It seems like an ambitious idea, as any game that seeks relaxation and immersion sets itself a tough task. North American gamers will see for themselves today — pricing to be confirmed — while we can all check out the trailer, below.

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XyVoX said:

This game is total quality i love it on my ipad & Note 3 and normally gets 5/5 gold ward reviews etc, another decent title for the eShop then, will pick this up when on sale i think.



sinalefa said:

It seems it uses very basic colors, so I guess my color blindness will be able to handle it. Very cheap to boot.



SKTTR said:

Why couldn't it be released today here in Europe as well?
I need this to cool down after Scram Kitty.



ICHIkatakuri said:

Got a demo of this during lab work shore crabs last summer, it was pretty good and will definitely consider buying for Wii u



Sean_Aaron said:

I can go for some zen gameplay from time to time. That Japanese paper craft game looks similarly relaxing.



Pod said:

40's style color and shape play as a game?

I can dig it!

Though I'm unsure as to how "zen" it is. Seems rather bold and dramatic.



faint said:

been playing this jem for the last hour. it's totally worth the price. honestly it could be higher with this much 4.99 or 5.99 but then i probably wouldn't have taken a chance on it.



andregurov said:

Gotta admit … the music is impressive. I think I'll take a dive into the game just for the soundtrack. Everything else will be gravy!

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