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Check Out This Gorgeous Metroid Prime Visual Feature

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Part of an "empty spaces" mini-series

The Metroid franchise remains a keen source of interest for Nintendo fans and, to some extent, gamers in general. From its iconic NES début to the stand-out Super NES entry, it's a series that has enough lore and variety in style to keep conversations lively for a long time.

Retro Studios has played its own part with the Metroid Prime Trilogy, of course, three titles across GameCube and Wii that brought Samus into 3D environments and revolutionised the series. It's unsurprising, then, that the trilogy gets plenty of attention from those assessing the Metroid franchise.

One of the best efforts we've seen recently, however, is this visual feature from; it's part of an "Empty Spaces" series "examining games' most fascinating realms of desolation". It blends some text with gorgeous illustrations, exploring these themes in one flowing feature.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.


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0utburst said:

Nice. Now sorry for going off-topic but I just found a used copy of the trilogy in GameStop and it's 2-3x cheaper than you can find online. I never liked FPS/3PS on consoles using controller/gamepad (coming from mouse +keyboard) but the Wii remote + nunchuk changed my stance completely. I hope if Nintendo make an FPS on Wii U, it will still utilize wiimote + nunchuk.



LtAldoRaine said:

Incredible. The Prime trilogy is truly a work of art, they're probably some of the most immersive games ever. I will never forget when I played the first Prime and felt like I was lost in this strange, uncharted planet. I'm just gushing right now, I know. Even if the other two games didn't match this level of immersion, they still have some fantastic enviroments and cool backstories to them.

I am a proud owner of Metroid Prime Trilogy. I'm stilI relieved I got one before it became overpriced.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Well, it's nice. But I don't really have much for their artstyle. It looks too organic, which is especially weird on Samus and Bryyo, since both normally offer a highly constructed visual aspect.
They also neglect two important details:

  • Samus writes (or records) the scan data all by herself. She analyzes the structure/behaviour/pattern of a target, interprets it, and then adds these pieces of information, making many discoveries outside of lore very personal.
  • There's a high amount of body language during the cutscenes which establish Samus' personality as a calm, intelligent, and calculating woman. That stuff contributes a lot to the fact that it's still a person we have under the Power Suit.

And just for grammar nazi: it's "Tallon IV", not "Talon IV"...



LastLife said:

Retro Studios did such an amazing job with these games. I really hope I get to see another entry in the Metroid series that has the immersion and ambience that Retro Studios achieved with the Prime trilogy. I also absolutely loved the Metroid Prime Hunters game on DS, and would be ecstatic to see a new Hunters game made for 3DS... or even on the U.



LastLife said:

...which reminds me, we can't play Metroid Hunters online anymore since the DS online services are done and over with...
Now we really need a new Hunters game on 3DS!



alLabouTandroiD said:

The Prime scene that impressed me the most was when that one Chozo comes alive and carries you around Super Metroid style? I don't clearly remember.
I plan to revive these memories one day and hopefully this time i'll be able to not just beat the first, but the other two games too.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@EarthboundBenjy Well, there's a reason for all the debate, and it's not going to stop until a new Metroid game shows up. But I certainly go for the Samus personality pre-Other M, simply because I see it as much more fitting for someone that strong.



Giygas_95 said:

These three games are absolutely incredible experiences. I've never felt so absorbed by a game before. Prime is my favorite, but Echoes and Corruption are also excellent. I'm so glad I have the Trilogy set. I played through it back during spring break along with the rest of the Metroid series. Truly amazing games.

@LtAldoRaine I got one AFTER it became overpriced. I couldn't have said it better myself though (I was gushing too). All three games are amazing in my opinion.



ChessboardMan said:

Wait, the Chozo weren't introduced as Samus' carer after being orphaned until the Prime games? I have no idea…



noctowl said:

@EarthboundBenjy 54 positive reviews on metacritic. 0 negative. ZERO. Why people confuse an older veteran battle-hardened warrior to a unexperienced "finding herself" young lady will always and forever confuse me. Even Batman breaks down on occasion when his parents murder comes up. Get over it.



Dreamz said:

The Prime installments are my least favorite in the series. I really didn't like being in first person for that type of gameplay, and this was exacerbated by having to scan absolutely everything. The thing I liked most was the chozo lore throughout the first game, which, ironically, were gained mostly through scanning everything.

The less said about Echoes, the better.



BlackStar9000 said:

Wow, I had Idea this game went UP in price. Got mine new for 29.99 at gamestop years ago, now I have prime one and 2 separately and I still dont wanna let them go.



Shiryu said:

@Manaphy2007 I'm glad to own them all as well, but I have never played one or two with the Wiimote in MP Trilogy. I should get on that, but Mario Kart 8 is right around the corner, so maybe next month...




art is terrible, writing is just bad. people need to stop with these little projects cause the just suck




art is terrible, writing is just bad. people need to stop with these little projects cause the just suck



XyVoX said:

@LtAldoRaine i Hear ya brother i managed to get one actually cheapish on pre-order before the price hike, the OUTSTANDING level design/level geometry coupled with the impressive tech that built the game and i was also transported to another world what with all that highly original unusual music everywhere, cant say to date ive played anything better than the first game.



Henmii said:


I think you meant the scene where the Chozo statue used Morphball Samus as a bowling ball, though I am not sure either! In Super Metroid there was a Chozo statue that carried Morphball Samus. Both scenes where pretty impressive!

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