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Ultra Rare Gold Nintendo World Championship NES Cart Auctioned And Sold For Over $100,000

Posted by Mark Green

Going, going, gone!

There are some things money can’t buy. Even if you had cash paid into your bank account every time you blinked, there will always be something out there more valuable than silver and gold. Take Time for instance. Time is something that can be spent but not bought, and once it’s gone it’s gone forever. The present becomes the past and no matter what we do we cannot get it back, even if we had all the money in the world. However, though bygone times may be beyond our life earnings, pieces of them – like small slices of history – can be bought in their stead to help remember the good ol’ days.

The Super Rare Nintendo World Championship NES Cart (say that five times fast) is one example of this. Some of you may have heard about this game cartridge going up for auction a few weeks back. One of the supposed ninety gray NES carts – which were once prizes given away to the finalists of the Nintendo World Championship competition in 1990 – went up for auction on eBay and sold for a huge $17,500 USD. Sure it seems like a lot of money, but to own something this rare and unique some would say is worth the price. However, something even rarer recently rose from the past.

Alongside the ninety gray cartridges, twenty-six gold carts were produced for the Nintendo Power Magazine, and one of them appeared on eBay. If you thought that the original gray cartridge selling for what it did was big, you might want to take a seat for this next part. The 100% Authentic Ultra Rare Gold Nintendo World Championship NES cart (again, say that five times fast) went up for auction earlier this week and sold for a gargantuan $100,088 USD yesterday.

It just goes to show that some people will go to amazing lengths – and prices – to get their hands on irreplaceable mementos from yesteryear. Here's hoping the winning bidder actually pays up.

But what do you guys think? Do you think this little slice of history is worth the price? Let us know!


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GuitarAnthony said:

Some people just have too much money than they know what to do with. It's a cart with 3 incomplete games. They could have bought NES Remix for $15.



Pj1 said:

@ Big_Gamer he didn't really!! but they make it look so real.



mikeyman64 said:

It would definitely be fun to have one of these. But not for that price. I like the reproduction replica you can buy.



Jazzer94 said:

Why not wait till the bidder actually pays before posting these kinds of articles.



allav866 said:

@ajcismo You're missing the point. Whatever collector bought this isn't planning on playing it; he probably wants to display it in a glass case and boast about it to his friends. That's the point of rare stuff, you buy it, but never use it.



LoveSugoi said:

Have to agree with some others, this is really only worth reporting if the bidder has actually paid for it.



Darknyht said:

@GuitarAnthony My thoughts are that at least that $100,000 will get put back into the economy instead of just sitting in a bank account making someone's extremely large balance look bigger.



unrandomsam said:

"Time is something that can be spent but not bought, and once it’s gone it’s gone forever."

Exactly that is why I didn't appreciate the at least 12 hours which was completely wasted by a certain part of Bravely Default.

There are tricks that can be performed to get more awake time though.



ogo79 said:

i say if you want it and it makes you happy buy it.
"Time is something that can be spent but not bought, and once it’s gone it’s gone forever."
actually, i ordered a fountain of youth on ebay, ill post pics when it arrives.



ningeek185 said:

You've got to be kidding me…the thing's only worth like, $30,000! That's a $70,000 difference, folks!



FantasiaWHT said:

Does anybody know why a seller can't sue the pants off a non-paying bidder? Yeah, it's not going to make sense for a $40 game somebody backs out of, but you'd think for $100k it'd be worth it.



unrandomsam said:

@FantasiaWHT Has it been tested whether ebay bid's are legally binding ? (I know for stuff like share dealing you have to jump through a lot more hoops).



KnightRider666 said:

In a word: STUPID. I could buy a Corvette ZR-1 and have a lot more fun with it, let alone see its value climb as the years go by...



Big_Gamer said:

@Pj1 heh yeah I know, It was a Zelda catridge I believe. Still, it was funny seing him destroy one of these



Agent721 said:

Lots of judgement from people on how others spend their money. Kind of odd.
If that's his/her passion and they have the dough, its their money to spend, who are you to judge? Of course, I'm a collector, so I find these comments rather silly, as I'm sure I could look into your life and pass a ton of judgement as well. However, I find that the constant backing out of these high bid items is truly ridiculous...don't bid if you can't afford to pay, especially at these prices.

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