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Now There's a Kirby You Can Wear

Posted by Kerry Brunskill

You won't look ridiculous either

Gaming fashion is sadly all-too-often nothing more than a current-gen logo or character ripped from some art you've already seen plastered everywhere, and then printed on a "one size fits all" (allegedly) black t-shirt, or an ironed-on bit of pixel art slapped roughly in the middle of the chest area if you're after something a little more niche to wear. There are a few companies that get it right though, and King of Games' officially licensed Nintendo wear is definitely one of them.

Released yesterday evening in Japan, this Kirby sweater manages to walk that fine line of being both a good homage to the original Game Boy game while also being wearable enough to (probably) not attract the vitriol of your always-judging-you mother-in-law. It's more than a simple front panel print too - the pink "Roly-Poly Little Hero" on the front is cross-stitched on, and there's a lovely little warp star Kirby on the back shoulder so people standing behind you in queues can be jealous of your incredible sweater without your turning around to mock their lack of import Nintendo clothing.

The icing on the cake is that The King of Games has an English website, so there's no Google translating involved or ordering through a Japanese shopping proxy, either.

Are you getting one of these or have you seen something else on the store that you'd like instead? Let us know in the comments section below!



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andreoni79 said:

@ninjapenguin1 They have to publish at least a "good news" article per week, and this sounds as a good news... I mean, no Kirby sweater delayed or cancelled...



luke88 said:

Would love to buy one but they're a little out of my price range for now. They have a lot of cool stuff on that website though, had never heard of it, thanks.



MrHeli said:

Ordered a few things from KOG. The first two items were received in a matter of days. Since then everything I ordered was seized by customs, and I've had to pay up to £82 tax and duty on two sweaters, deayjng delivery by a week or two as well.



Stark_Nebula said:

They have really cool merch, but with the Yen standing fairly well and the Canadian$ not so much, it's not something I could get at the moment. Even if I had the money, like readyletgo said, it's almost all sold out! I look forward to something F-Zero related though.



DarkKirby said:

The lack of merchandising from Nintendo is a reason to get your own gaming clothing printed with the art of your choice.



scheherezade11 said:

Of course, being a Japanese site, the sizes only go up to XL...
(Not that I would pay $100 anyway, but still.)

Oh and Kerry, the Kirby sprite is embroidered, not cross-stitched.



Kimimi said:

@scheherezade11 That's a strange minor discrepancy between the Japanese and English sites - the Japanese one (the one I read while creating the article) specifically says it's cross-stitched, while the English one just describes it as embroidered. Just one of those things



ningeek185 said:

Yeah, go Kirby! Let Nintendo's most underrated character earn some respect for a change!



AkDeath said:

Some of the hoodies on that site are awesome (mario 2/3 and metroid in particular), but for $200? Give me a break.

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