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Kimimi commented on Weirdness: A Resident Evil TV Show Has Been Pr...:

The annoying thing is a pre-RE1 TV series would be so easy to do right as all the pieces are already there - STARS do regular SWAT/rescue jobs while plot arc about unexplained gruesome murders goes on in the background. Wesker misdirects STARS about Umbrella-related incidents and has the odd shady meeting - job done! Ensemble misfit cop team? Check! Episodic content with bonus story arc? Checl! Token love interest sub plot? Yep! Grisly deaths with a zombie twist? Sorted!

Now then, where's my cheque?



Kimimi commented on Dragon Quest X Is Now Adventuring Onto 3DS:

@SphericalCrusher I appear to be accused of things I haven't actually done, so just to clear things up - as someone who likes Dragon Quest X anyway (I actually had a quick go just this morning) I follow this sort of news just for my own personal interest and discovered the story independently. I typed this piece up at around 4-5am my time, which is not long after the news broke.

As a contributor I have no access to the email account that news tips are sent to, so you mentioning that you had also sent in the tip is genuinely the first I've heard of it. I have no place speaking for anyone but myself but of course it's always good to hear that other people are on the ball and keen to help keep the juicy news stories flowing



Kimimi commented on Dragon Quest X Is Now Adventuring Onto 3DS:

@Expa0 Remarkably, DQX does feel very old school - both as an MMO and an RPG. It's got a good balance between the old and the new, and it's really not as jarring or as weird as a Dragon Quest MMO would seem



Kimimi commented on Remake Request: Burning Rangers:

@accc Just as with NiGHTS, Burning Rangers is one of those games designed to be replayed over and over for rank/survivors rather than a game who's main "point" is to be played until the staff credits roll.



Kimimi commented on Dragon Quest X Reaches One Million Sales In Japan:

@rjejr The Android version launched only very recently, and requires a subscription just like the home versions. You can actually play using your PC/Wii/Wii U character if you have one, making it more like an expanded "remote play" service than its own app. It's also only for a select few handsets/tablets from one particular provider too - the main point being that it's "real" sales from PC and Nintendo consoles that's driven the game to this one million mark; it's not falsely-inflated numbers spearheaded by an Android app.

As I said in the piece linked to in this article it's a good game that at least deserves the IP block removing - especially if it's never going to see release elsewhere. The same could be said of Monster Hunter Frontier while I'm at it * grumble grumble *



Kimimi commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

I personally find the issue isn't so much games like Senran Kagura by itself, but the sheer volume of games that are geared towards this demographic that's the problem. To my eyes mainstream gaming is pretty much one of three choices - do you want sexy ladies, guns, or a kids game? There's no sense of balance.

If the industry or supporters of this sort of look want to take some "heat" off themselves the best thing they can do isn't to go LOL TEENAGE BOYS, as the EU marketing campaign has done, but to make sure there are quality alternatives available without this young straight male slant. TV and movies have plenty of gratuitous flesh on display too; but the difference there is that how much of that you consume is more down to the individual than it is with gaming.



Kimimi commented on Latest Mana Game Rises To The Challenge:

@Spuratis I wouldn't dream of attacking Legend of Mana! It was actually a dig at all those iOS games that want to pretend they're "real" big-budget games but cut corners at every opportunity and use three generic character portraits slapped over a few unimpressive backgrounds throughout the entire game.



Kimimi commented on Now There's a Kirby You Can Wear:

@scheherezade11 That's a strange minor discrepancy between the Japanese and English sites - the Japanese one (the one I read while creating the article) specifically says it's cross-stitched, while the English one just describes it as embroidered. Just one of those things



Kimimi commented on Video: The First Thirty Minutes Of The Best 3D...:

To everyone concerned about the cutscene/gameplay ratio - once this opening section's out the way (pretty much from the thirty-first minute XD) it changes drastically and works more like "Quick text chat to person at base->mission start->bit of radio chatter in mission/short mission cutscene->repeat".

I'm going to do some more videos to go with the full write up, so you'll get a fairer example then



Kimimi commented on Video: Puzzle Mashup Puyo Puyo Tetris Works Be...:

@Tsukun You can. Before you hit ゲームスタート after selecting you/your opponent's characters highlight the next option down - that's the difficulty select. Options are -

激甘 (very sweet)
甘口 (sweet/mild)
中辛 (slighty spicy - default setting)
辛口 (spicy)
激辛 (extremely spicy)

Hope that helps!



Kimimi commented on First Impressions: Kirby: Triple Deluxe Is Thr...:

Hold the presses! A lovely chap on Twitter has kindly informed that it does mean "Big Bang", even though it's written "Big Ban". My problem was that as I understood the "Big" part I only looked up "Ban" in dictionaries, when I should have checked the complete term - my fault, and mystery solved!



Kimimi commented on Remake Request: Shining The Holy Ark:

Oh you're cruel Damien! I was content with the Saturn version but now you've brought it up a 3DS remake would be perfect and something I'd pay stupid amounts importing a fancy limited edition of D: