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Flowerworks HD to Burst Into Life on the Wii U eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Undergoing approval with Nintendo

Veteran Nintendo download gamers may remember Flowerworks on WiiWare, a title we described as "a bit goofy, cute and colourful and a lot of fun" as we awarded it 8/10 in our review. Its peculiar premise of pollinating plants for spectacular visual fireworks was charming, with pointer controls that were perfect at some points and awkward at others; we considered it a gem of the service.

The good news is that developer Nocturnal Entertainment, after being quiet for a few years, has confirmed it's bringing the game to the Wii U eShop as Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure. The project has been six months in the works as Nintendo provided loan devkits, and the developer has published seven screenshots to show off the new engine supporting this entry; you can see all of these screens in the gallery at the end of this article.

Be sure to check out our WiiWare review linked above, while the original trailer from 2009 is also below. It won't be long before we see what enhancements are brought to the new release; is this one blooming on your wishlist?

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Emblem said:

Not my type of game but the more (decent quality) games the better, i'm sure some people will pick it up.



Gob09 said:

I was just thinking about this game recently,and that it would really look great in HD. I hope online leader boards are included, and that more people give the game a chance then they did on Wiiware. I'll definitely be picking it up on release.



Zach said:

Always great to hear about new cool indie games and WiiWare devs smartly upgrading their games to eShop versions. I'll probably buy this



Sean_Aaron said:

Nice, I was thinking about this game just the other day, a real blast from the past. Hopefully more WiiWare devs will take the time to revisit their old work. I can remember some games I slated due to control issues that could be dusted off for another go, although this wasn't one of them.

Happy to throw down real money for the Wii U outing.,



WiiLovePeace said:

Awesome! I really enjoyed playing this game on WiiWare but never finished it. I was recently thinking of loading it up on my Wii & finishing it but now I'll just buy it on Wii U & play it there.



sinalefa said:

I won't lie, I had never heard about this game until today. Maybe Wiiware had way more many games than I thought.



LittleIrves said:

Hmm. Sounds like that StreetPass Flower Town game mixed with Big Bang Mini on DS. Would love to see more WiiWare games HD'ified. And maybe a sequel to Rock 'n Roll Climber?? Tomena Sanner U? Alien Crush Returns... Again? (Okay, maybe not that last one.)



Cathousemaster said:

Hi all - this is Michael from Nocturnal. I'll be happy to answer (most) questions you might have.

@Gob: Online leaderboards are right at the top of our task list for Flowerworks, but won't make this cut. Because Nintendo were nice enough to lend us devkits, that imposed a hard deadline on this project.

This initial release was all about getting a polished title out: we now have a fully working WiiU engine, have added full HD (audio & visual), GamePad (off-TV support), touch screen support, and support for several different controller types.

For those in the US, this also includes all the features Europe got that the initial US WiiWare missed out on (2-player co-op, extra content and difficulty modes, etc).

If this does well enough, I'll definitely like to spend a few more months on the game and add new features: Miiverse, improved gfx, online support, new content and more.

Flowerworks is fun regardless: the e-shop could do with more adventure/exploration games



JustinH said:

@Cathousemaster Excellent stuff. Here's three questions off the top of my head?

Do you have a rough release date? (It can be very rough — not trying to box you in a corner, just getting a feel for it!)
Do you have an idea on the price? I see the WiiWare version launched at two different price points.
I'm patient so I don't mind waiting for superfluous but interesting features. That said, what is it that you're looking at adding by way of Miiverse?



SKTTR said:

Outstanding arcade puzzler with a beautiful openworld adventure mode. One of WiiWare's best. And was only 5 bucks. I'll dip again, still love this gem.



Cathousemaster said:


1/ Price: still being finalized but it's going to be cheap. I don't want price to be a barrier to anyone buying this.

2/ Release date: I'm hopeful mid March but this depends on a lot of things. Initial release will be US and Europe should follow within a month or so. But no release in Australia at this stage.

3/ Miiverse: just an idea at this stage, but the same sort of functionality that super Mario WiiU had. Need to experiment and see what makes sense.



Reala said:

A big fan of the wiiware version so would definitely get an updated version, the only complaint I had against the one on wiiware was the difficulty was a bit all over the place, but very rewarding if you stick with it.



Stargazer said:

I really liked this one on Wiiware. Agreed about the difficulty issues as mentioned by Reala

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