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Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy Pedals Towards a North American Release in May

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

European release is reliant on positive sales in North America

Late last year we shared the happy news that Bike Rider DX 2:Galaxy is on its way to the West in 2014, with it pedalling onto the Japanese store just before the festive season at the close of 2013. Publisher Spicysoft recently tweeted some loose details suggesting a release window of May for the sequel in North America, so we got in touch with the publisher to clarify on the title's localisation plans.

To begin with the positives, Spicysoft's Rene Paulesich has told us that the company has confirmed its plans for a May release with Nintendo of America, so as long as there are no unforeseen issues with localisation the publisher is confident of that target. There will also be some special content for the Western release, too.

I can also confirm that we are working on a NA exclusive DLC, which will contain a set of extra hard (and some also just weird funny) bonus stages. All other features like the online ranking and one free DLC at the time of release will of course also be available for the NA version.

Of course, all of these references are to North America, and there's some disappointing news for European gamers. Due to "much larger costs that come up with releasing a game in Europe", its release in the region is largely dependent on how well the game performs in North America, though the publisher would "love to release the game in Europe as well". Although both titles have been major successes in the Japanese 3DS eShop, Spicysoft is a small company aware of the large differences in markets and a need to take "small steps".

It seems the process of publishing games in Europe, with ratings and translations likely to be major costs, are an issue for multiple publishers. This isn't really the fault of Nintendo of Europe, and one of few options it has is to perhaps take a role in assisting with publication in the region and even offering financial support, though whether that's feasible or sensible — from a business perspective — is debatable.

In any case, this is certainly some positive news for 3DS gamers in North America. We hope it'll be as good as the first title, and the trailer below will give you a taste of the new ideas and features in this sequel.

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Mineral said:

AWESOME ! I want it ! I got all the coins in the first one ! Great game !



Mk_II said:

Obviously, there needs to be just one ratings agency for the whole EU.



HandheldGuru97 said:

The 1st one is EASILY the most overlooked game in the whole eShop. It is fantastic and the bang for your measly $3 is incredible. Highly recommend the 1st one to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



alLabouTandroiD said:

I'd really like being able to download games only available in America on my PAL systems. I'm old enough, i don't mind stuff being in English and what else would i want to spend my money on.
Quite a few games i'd get then.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Kolzig @Mk_II The best way for now would be that Nintendo only releases games in PAL territories with PEGI rating. Would be a hard hit for me, but it might wake the other countries up and force them to return to PEGI ratings.



Mk_II said:

@Kaze_Memaryu I agree but i don't think the Germans will. They have stricter rules in general and some unique restrictions like no swastika's or other nazi symbols.



sinalefa said:

Never played the first one, but that review sounds enticing. And since this one comes until May, I May pick it up in the meantime.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Mk_II I know, germany has stricter rules. But I live there, and if there's one thing I know as well, then it's that media control is only one half, the other simply being greed. Just like GEMA, the USK is kinda doing something good, but completely overdo it just to rip people off.



Mk_II said:

I think the USK is also responsible for those big ugly rating symbols on the front of our lovely boxes., often completely ruining a beautiful design. So unnessesary but they just force it on there. And other EU countries get the same packaging.



Arkaein said:

The multiple ratings systems are actually a fairly small part of the cost of a European release.

Much larger costs are the needs for translations of the game's manual and content. The process of converting the text and making everything fit is tedious, error prone (the game testers have to verify text in multiple languages that they don't speak), and fairly expensive.



unrandomsam said:

@Arkaein Not for something like this. For an RPG which is only in Japanese yes but not for this. Could only have numbers on this and it would still be fine.



Windy said:

@Neo-GeoFan agreed! It turns out at least for me one of my Top 5 gaming experiences of 2013. Just a fun simp!e to control but hard to master game. I hope the best for DX and will look to buy it when it hits the Eshop

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