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Tappingo! Details Puzzle Their Way Into View

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Picross-ing over to the 3DS eShop

A good while ago the main man behind Goodbye Galaxy Games, Hugo Smits, confirmed that his first 3DS eShop title would be Tappingo, a puzzle title that aims to incorporate popular ideas in a fresh way. The game maker has now been in touch with further details and screenshots, saying the following.

Solve pixel art puzzles by making numbered blocks extend into lines. Sounds easy? wait until you find out these lines keep running unless they hit something! Be smart and use other blocks and lines to stop the line at the correct length.

Game Boy had Tetris, Nintendo DS had Picross. Now 3DS players get their puzzle craze called Tappingo!

There'll apparently be over 100 puzzles to solve on various grids, and the basic idea is that you need to create lines of specified lengths, which can only be controlled by taps and stopped by walls / other blocks. So while the screens certainly bring Picross to mind, the puzzles themselves certainly look like a departure.

You can check out a visual guide on the official website, and some screens below. There's no indication of release date yet, but is this on your radar?

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VoiceOfReason said:

Hmm.. I'll have to wait and see how this turns out. The way he said it, it sounds like he's expecting it to be big.



Klimbatize said:

I enjoyed Hugo's other games Ace Mathician and Color Commando, and I like puzzlers, so I'll buy this for sure.



accc said:

Really love the concept behind this game. Day one download for me.



Radbot42 said:

I love puzzle games, but I have so many already on my 3DS that I havent finished. Almost all of them are box puzzles too. This looks interesting, but i might skip out on it.

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