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Tappingo is an awesome new puzzle game for your Nintendo 3DS by Goodbye Galaxy Games!

By solving puzzles you will create small pictures.

The game will feature:

  • Over a 100 puzzles based on different themes (hobbies,sports,computers,animals,etc)
  • Time attack mode (finish each puzzle as quick as possible)
  • Two gameplay modes
  • Cool art style

Game Review


USA USA Version

Posted by Tim Latshaw


Tappingo is a game for those who enjoy methodically teasing order out of an apparent mess. Really. When you begin one of the 100+ puzzles, the upper screen that displays your goal in progress looks like an NES sneezed on it. Yet by working out the...

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Glaceon said:

I still don't know if I should by this game or not. It looks really cool to build the design your supposed to build and try to beat your own time, but I'm not very good at puzzle games... Its only $3.00 so I may get it...



MyBodyIsReggie said:

@Glaceon Get it! It's a low-stress, super-fun puzzle game that doesn't demand more than a few minutes per play (but, I guarantee you'll lose track of time, regardless).
And now it's only $2.00!!!

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