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Shovel Knight Digs Up a Few Surprise Features

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Miiverse and Streetpass integration announced

The crew over at Yacht Clubs Games are still putting their backs into the development of Shovel Knight, according to a recent Kickstarter update. The team has offered a list of some of the current features it's working on, with a couple that'll be exclusive to the Nintendo versions of the game.

In addition to stereoscopic pop-out shoveltude on the 3DS, both Miiverse and Streetpass capabilities are currently being worked on. People have asked just how the two connective features will be used in the games, but Yacht Club Games is keeping it a secret for now.

A couple of screenshots were also included with the update, with no explanations. Feel free to speculate on what they may or may not mean in the game.

Or just look at them and go, “Ooh, neat!” That works, too.


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B3ND3R said:

I really cannot wait for this to finally hit the eShop! I've been hyping for it for a long long time xD



Super_Gravy said:

What is the streetpass feature for this single player game?

Only thing I can think of is that you can get gems similar to PokeMiles for Pokemon X and Y. Could this game use the same way as Samurai Warriors for 3DS handle streetpass?



SirQuincealot said:

@Super_Gravy maybe its ghosts that you can race? or maybe it wlll work like Solaire from dark souls, and you can use the street passes to help you when you get to a hard part?



Warruz said:

Just been debating what version to get, 3DS seem to be more the style of this game in terms of looks and handle. But on the same note my Wii U would be good for obviously big screen and Co-op.....decisions



Zemus-DJ said:

Really can't wait for this on 3DS, it's like a mash up on like Zelda II, mega man II pumped



Super_Gravy said:

@SirQuincealot: That may be possible. Sound cool and maybe other players got power to help you.I don't mind ghost run and Super Mario 3D Land speed run records doesn't count as ghost run since you can't see how they did it.

PS: One guy somehow beat every level in 5 seconds according to my Streetpass record... Kinda lame and ruins the fun for me.



JustinH said:

So, I got this update but just blew past the Miiverse and Streetpass bit. What's wrong with me? I love both those things!



Dpullam said:

I love when games include the Streetpass feature of the Nintendo 3DS. It gives me more of a reason to launch said game and continue playing it for a considerable amount of time beyond simply beating it. This is certainly good news to me. I just hope that they make good use of the feature, and don't just slap it into the game without a true fun and interesting purpose.



WYLD-WOO said:

Streetpass weapons please to include: sword, chainsaw, baseball bat, spear and pitch fork. Is that a fishing rod I can see in one of the screen shots? I do love a fishing mini game



Gioku said:

I want this game so bad! Seeing footage of this game a few months ago is what motivated me to continue working on Indie games myself! This game was a big inspiration to me; I can't wait to play it myself!



sinalefa said:

If I get this (very probable) I would go with the Wii U version. This looks like a NES game after all, and the points for the Deluxe Digital Promo would not hurt.

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