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Nintendo Files New Pokémon Trademark "Great Detective Pikachu"

Posted by Damien McFerran

This is a case for Pikachu!

A short time ago we reported on a new Pikachu-focused Pokémon title that was apparently in development at Game Freak. We then heard that the game would place the player in the role of a detective, with Pikachu acting as a partner who helps solve crimes.

We've now heard that Nintendo has filed a trademark in Japan for Great Detective Pikachu, which sounds like a good match for the title in development.

Of course, this doesn't mean that it's the final title — trademarks are filed all the time which never end up being used — but it does at least suggest that Nintendo is looking to cover all the bases when it comes to giving this new outing a suitable moniker.


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Senario said:

You could say that pikachu is quite the...Looker. I couldn't resist, pokemon+hardboiled detective = Looker.



SpookyMeths said:

This game better feature dramatic reveals, tense music, and extreme close-ups, or I'm not interested.



Kirk said:

This just sounds stupid and gimmicky to me and all I think is that the time, money and resources wasted on these random novelty spin-off games could probably be better spent on getting new games in the core F-Zero, Star Fox, Earthbound, Metroid etc franchises out there, or even developing a proper Pokemon game for the Wii U.

I hope the game is amazing otherwise I'm going to be annoyed that it even exists.



Senario said:

@Kirk People complain when there are no new franchises. A new detective game based around pikachu = new franchise. People complain that there are not enough games for existing franchises =/.

Seriously, F-Zero hasn't had a good thing separating it from mario kart for a long time. Earthbound's story is long since closed. Star Fox is currently taking a break like Kid Icarus did(Kid Icarus might as well have been a star fox game honestly). And Metroid is metroid, a good series with Prime but certainly not what they need now. Maybe sometime down the line where they can afford to make those games due to the install base meaning more chance for profit.



Kirk said:

Yeah, you're not intrepreting what they are complaining about or asking for properly.

They don't want garbage gimmicky spin-offs designed to rip-off fanboys and make a few easy bucks which is what this will probably turn out to be.

They want proper new original games/franchises/characters that stand up against the likes of the Super Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Pikmin, Earthbound, Metroid and also go toe to toe with the new big AAA franchises and characters that pop up other the other competing systems rather more regularly these days...

This Pikachu spin-off and casual throwaway gimmicky stuff is not the answer to the question people have been asking and if you think it is then you are as misguided as Nintendo is in this respect.

F-Zero is a vastly superior game for pure skill based racing type gamers than Mario Kart has ever been and it's a great racing franchise in it's own right. It thoroughly deserves a proper full next-gen sequel.

They need those games now, not sometime possibly far down the line. You are aware of the abysmal desperate state of the Wii U right now, right? Lower sales at this time in it's lifespan than Nintendo's so far least successful home console to date...

Also, a detective game based around Pikachu and Pokemon obviously is a spin-off from a current franchise rather than a proper new franchise, and they already have a hugely popular detective franchise with Professor Layton anyway, so they aren't even serving that purpose here.



Senario said:

@Kirk New characters do not breed new ideas. For example, The last of us has a completely different set of characters than uncharted but is very much similar in third person shooting elements for gameplay(oh and less puzzles, more mind numbing shooting people). I haven't even been a fan of pokemon for a long time and only picked up x and y because my friends had it and I'm interested in this new game because I thoroughly enjoyed the "Looker" sidequests in both story and gameplay.

It doesn't matter if F-Zero is a "vastly superior game" that is opinion. What is fact is that it doesn't sell anything at all and definitely is not worth the time, effort, or money to try and come up with a new game. How many do you think will buy it? Just you? And what about Star Fox, who will work on it? Does it sell all that many copies? The answer is no, The highest selling is star fox 64 and it has gone severely downhill since then for new games in the series.

You are entirely misguided if you think Nintendo needs to "Stand up" to these "AAA" franchises. Their games target a completely different audience and in my opinion they have largely exceeded those "AAA" games with all of the great games on 3DS. Fire Emblem Awakening is the best yet in an already good series, Animal Crossing is amazingly fun, and Pokemon is great.

I'm fully aware of the Wii U's situation but what you are suggesting won't help them at all. First, release big name games to get the install base up like Mario, Like Zelda(WW counts), like Smash bros, like DK, and like mario Kart. Then they have time to work on the lesser used franchises AND those franchises will sell more due to a larger install base. Really it is a win win. And honestly, I have not heard anybody I know say that any single game sold them the system so having a metroid game, f-zero game, or star fox game would really be an afterthought in the minds of many consumers.



Kirk said:


I said it "is a vastly superior game for pure skill based racing type gamers". That is an absolute fact because one is based largely on random luck with the weapon selections, a randomness which is beyond your control regardless of how well you drive, and the other is only based on your skill at actually driving/racing. One is blatantly designed to be more of a family party type racing experience and the other is a proper skill based competitive racing game. Anyone who is trying to win a racing game based on their actual driving/racing skill alone knows that F-Zero p*sses all over Mario Kart in that respect. This is also why so many people want a new F-zero because a new Mario Kart simply doesn't fit the bill when it comes to trying to show off your proper racing skills against your mates. In other words; the Wii U is severely lacking in a core and important area of it's games library with zero serious competitive type racing games (be it a simulation or a futuristic racer like F-Zero).

I can't even be bothered responding to any of your other points.



Senario said:

@Kirk Doesn't change the fact that your game doesn't sell all that well and thus we don't need it right now. Fine if you don't want to reply to my points, just goes to show that you can't argue against them/have no good counterpoints.



Kirk said:


It easily sells well enough* and on Wii U it would be worth the time and resources without any question whatsoever and that goes beyond just the sales numbers but also into long time Nintendo gamer/fanboy satisfaction too.

How is it good business to annoy and frustrate a bunch of loyal long time fans, and more important the once loyal fans who are currently perched precariously on the fence, for a quick gimmicky cash-in over satisfying all those fans with a game they've all been asking for and waiting on for ages now?

Classic small minded thinking with this whole putting the short term gain over long term consequences that put Nintendo in exactly the position it's in right now with Wii U in my opinion.

I could argue all and any of your other points but it's not worth the time.

*F-Zero X sold 1.10 million copies worldwide -
F-Zero GC sold 0.65 million copies worldwide -



Senario said:

@Kirk Except nobody is asking for those games you are talking about lol. Only the most vocal people online are and they are a small group of people. The average people I know don't care for most of those games. How many people will they make happy if they rush out a game right now and it is crappy?

I already pointed out the long term goal of Nintendo and it is fairly sound. It looks like you are the one thinking short term wanting those games RIGHT NOW because obviously that is all a company does right? Obey only your needs even if you are the minority.

Likewise, you are not worth time since you only want Nintendo to serve your interests rather than the ones that will earn them money. They still are a company after all, and whatever disappointment you have right now won't matter.



Kirk said:


Don't be ignorant. Yes they are. A lot of people want a new F-Zero, Star Fox, Metroid or Earthbound game*.

There's enough people who want each of those game that they would make Nintendo a tidy profit and it would keep the core gamers very happy too, much more so than cheap crappy Pokemon spin-off cash-ins, and that has a lot of value beyond just the short terms profits of the actual game sales.

*Star Fox 64 sold 4.03 million copies -
Metroid Prime 3 sold 1.76 million copies -

They are million selling games!

Even the Earthbound release on Wii U was massively anticipated and went on to be one of the best selling eShop games.



Senario said:

@Kirk But do they move systems? No, even if people want them they won't buy a full console for them. They just shift games (and few games at that). They won't help the Wii U at all. It will be nice for those who already have a Wii U but that is not what Nintendo needs right now. Get the install base up, then they can afford to put out games that aren't huge sellers and more importantly DON'T MOVE SYSTEMS.



Kirk said:


If all those games were announced for Wii U tomorrow then absolutely they would move systems. Casuals wouldn't bother much but all the once loyal Nintendo fanboys that are currently perched precariously on the fence would likely jump on the system with all those games being announced and that's a lot of fanboys. I also think a lot of core gamers who a currently more interested in the likes of PS4 and Xbox One would even stop and look up if all those games were announced for Wii U.

Nintendo can't alienate all it's biggest supporters, especially ones that are currently sitting on the fence and really could go either way (depending on how good or bad Nintendo's next moves are), just to get those unpredictable casuals.

It has to make BOTH/ALL types of gamers want to pick up it's system.

Also, there's something you really are missing here; If Nintendo releases actual great games in any those franchises then anyone who plays them would them be very happy with those experience on their new console (be they core, casual or whatever). That's why those franchise became so truly beloved in the first place; because they actually are great games that stand the test of time. Unlike slightly more generic casual stuff like Pokemon Rumble for example (just a random example). If you only give them crappy casual cash-ins however, like I very much expect this Pikachu Detective game is going to end up being, then what do you expect. Those are not the types of games that make truly happy and truly loyal long term consumers.

Generic cash-in stuff like Pokemon Rumble or Pikachu Detective is not going to get the user base figures up in the slightest. It's just junk to sell to those kids that already have a Wii U because their parents bought them one already and want some more games for them. No one is buying a frikin Wii U for garbage like that.

People buy consoles for big high quality exciting games that capture their imaginations, like Pokemon X & Y, Super Mario 3D World, A New Zelda, Super Mario Kart, The Last of Us, Titanfall etc and sometimes the big hit casual games like Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Brain Training, Nintendogs and Call of Duty but not the obvious cheap cash-in spin-off rubbish that could just as well be an iPhone App probably.

It's time to start getting people actually EXCITED about the games coming to the likes of the Wii U. Hardcore fanboys, core gamers, casuals and even lapsed once loyal Nintendo gamers. THAT's how you sell systems and any one of a brand new F-Zero, Star Fox, Metroid or Earthbound (assuming they are given the proper love and care they deserve when making them) would do a far better all-round job of that than a Pikachu Detective game.



ColdingLight said:

I'm really fascinated with this game...But I'm worried Nintendo of America won't localize it...Because it's to obscure. And knowing how crappy their localization team is...Do you guys think it will be localized?



MarvelMon22 said:

@ColdingLight to be honest, I want it to be, but I think that if they don't, the whines from the uberfans will echo in their ears and they'll give it to us. and by us, I mean AMERICA



ColdingLight said:

@MarvelMon22 I know I'm a bit late in responding to this, but didn't we whine at NOA for that typing Pokemon game on the DS? I mean, it came in Europe but not America...I see what you're saying, but at the same time...

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