Japanese developer Imageepoch is remaking Alicesoft's controversial PC RPG Toushin Toshi II for the Nintendo 3DS. The game — which carries the name God of the City — launches on January 30th 2014, and will retail for 6279 Yen.

The original title was released in the early '90s and became famous for its adult themes, which makes the port to the 3DS somewhat surprising — however, it's expected that much of the questionable content will be removed from this version.

Still, with this and Senran Kagura Burst available on the console, the 3DS is getting a nice sideline in "mature" games. However, while Senran Kagura has been lucky enough to get localised for western markets, it's unlikely that Imageepoch's remake will receive the same treatment.

[via neogaf.com, gonintendo.com]