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Wed 23rd Oct 2013

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LudoRathowm commented on Saucy JRPG Toushin Toshi II Is Getting Remade ...:

The title "God of the City" is incorrect, it should be Toushin City or Toushin Toshi.
The "Toushin" title granted to the victors of the tournament in the game is a remnant of ancient history where a group of mages created enormous robotic bodies and massive floating fortresses to combat the Demon King.
The robotic bodies were called Toushin, or Combat Gods, and were used to fight on par with an invincible army of monsters.
The floating fortresses were called Toushin Toshi or Toushin Cities, the setting of the game is a city called Toushin City built on the ruins of one of the fortresses that crashed.