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Pokémon Bank And Poké Transporter Will Hit The North American eShop in December

Posted by Andy Green

Comes with a free 30 day trial if you activate before 31st January 2014

During September's Pokémon Direct, we learned all about the Pokémon Bank system, which is a cloud-based service that enables players to upload their 'mon with the purpose of retrieve them for use the titles that will appear after Pokémon X & Y.

Alongside the Bank is the Poké Transporter, which works in a similar way but this time allows you to bring in squad members from the previous titles, Pokémon Black & White and Pokémon Black & White 2. Essentially, you upload your favourites into the Bank and then transfer them from there into Pokémon X & Y. All that hard work won't go to waste!

During our recent interview with Pokémon Director Junichi Masuda and Designer Hironobu Yoshida we found out the Bank and the Poké Transporter won't be available on launch and will instead pop into the eShop in December. We already knew European players will have to wait until 27th December for the banking service, while Japan will get it on 25th December, but a North American release date was a little more sketchy.

Well, Nintendo of America has now confirmed that both the Bank and the Poké Transporter will be in the eShop on 27th December. The release date for the Transporter in Europe has not yet been officially confirmed, though it is likely to appear alongside the Bank, considering North America will get the two on the very same day.

The Pokémon Bank can store up to 3,000 'mon and comes with a small yearly fee of $4.99 - there's no solid price in Europe just yet. Though if you download and open the application by 31st January 2014, you'll receive a pass that allows you to use the software for 30 days free of charge.

You can check out what we thought of the game itself in our Pokémon X & Y review. It's set to launch across the globe on 12th October.

Are you looking forward to Pokémon X & Y and the new cloud-based banking system? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below.


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Retro_on_theGo said:

So we really do have to wait 2 months to transfer pokemon! That sucks. Meh, gives me motivation to make a competitive team of all Kalos pokemon. Glad to see it's only $4.99 a year. But I won't need more than the 30 days.



Megumi said:

Screw it I'm just gonna do ten bazillion trades with two 3DSes. >_>



Megumi said:

@noctowl I meant the transfer thing, I forget what its called...but its used to transfer older generation Pokemon to the newer games.



jeb_leeds said:

Just in time for me to finish the game without any pokemon from previous versions.



AyeHaley said:

I am getting tired of having to avoid a lot of sites due to pokemon leaks but its worth it in the end. I want that feeling I had when playing red/blue/yellow/gold/silver before I got to know content beforehand like with the later games.



ueI said:

I still wish it was a little more clear whether we'll need to pay for the bank to use the transporter.



PKpunky said:


Same here... I like to see news and whatnot, but then sometimes those leaks take away from experiencing it while you are already playing the game.

Anyway, not sure if I'll be using this, I never even seem to fill out the PC Boxes in the game itself!



rjejr said:

I'm kind of confused about the 30 day free trial on the bank. Isn't the bank to keep your Pokemon in until the next new Pokemon game comes out in 2 years. What's the point of having that for 30 days? You transfer all your Pokemon in now and then they disappear?

Any way to game the system? My kids have been really good about getting matching games - W/B, W2/B2, HG/SS, D/P, X/Y. Do you think they can share an account? I don't care about saving the $5/yr. - saving $15 buying two Pokedex's would have been nice - but they would obviously have access to a lot more Pokemon if they combined them. How is Nintendo going to keep people from sharing accounts? If they lock them to 1 3DS or 2DS, after the article yesterday about sharing games across systems, people are going to get annoyed.



IceClimbers said:

@rjejr Pokemon Bank is not tied to one game. It can be used with any copy of X/Y and acts as a central hub for Pokemon storage. The Bank is for general storage over the years, not just X/Y. Not sure what the point of the 30 day trial is when you will have to pay the $5 for the first year after the trial anyway . Bank won't be tied to one system because that would defeat the purpose of it once the first main series games on the 3DS' successor release. For right now, Bank will obviously only be available on the 3DS/2DS. I'd assume you can log into your account on any copy of the Bank software.



rjejr said:

@IceClimbers - So 5 friends get together and pay only $1 per year and all share each others Pokemon? 3,000 storage divided by about 650 Pokemon is close to 5. I guess if everybody caught all 650 Pokemon you could only share between 4 people. Seems alot easier than catching them all yourself.

This is Nintendo, there has to be a "catch". (bad pun, but I don't know any good puns)



Morpheel said:

@rjejr do you really think that they won't limit access to the bank to a single 3DS like they do with the eshop or something similar?



JaxxRaxor said:

Well I can't wait till December 27, then I can transfer my Pokemon White teams to my Pokemon X I will have and I can start owning all of my new friends on NintendoLife! ^_^



IceClimbers said:

@Morphtorok Even if Bank is tied to one 3DS system, it won't stop people from putting another copy of X/Y in the 3DS and transferring them that way. Besides, this is all GameFreak's doing, not Nintendo's. Also, Bank and PokeTransporter can't be tied to the actual 3DS system since it's saved to the SD card like all eShop downloads. All you have to do is backup the data on your PC and sync the SD card to another 3DS, then save the data back to it. There's also the transfer tool that Nintendo provided to transfer from one 3DS to another.



SNESuperior said:

I seems to me that the vast majority of people are only going to use PokéBank to transfer their older generation Pokémon. I can't recall a single moment in the last fifteen years of playing Pokémon where I said to myself "Gee, I really wish I could store 3000 Pokémon in one place". I don't think I've ever filled more than three boxes in a game. So I have no need for the PokéBank, though I'm sure it'll be great for those that'll use it. My issue is that they've tied the Gen Transfer feature to the Bank system. I flat out refuse to pay money, no matter how small the amount, to use a feature that has been free since Gen 2. Of course, transfering my old team over within the free thirty day trial is easy, but what if I want to transfer some more Pokémon a year or so later? (Yes, I do replay the old games and port my Pokémon forward). If Game Freak won't provide an alternative transfer system that'd use the SD card instead of CloudStorage, I'm hoping a techsavy fan can. Anyone know if that'd be possible?



IceClimbers said:

@SNESuperior It is possible to use the SD Card, but you would be able to copy and clone cheated Pokemon too easily - something they are trying to prevent in X/Y. DS games and 3DS games cannot connect. Pokemon Bank is the ONLY way to transfer Pokemon otherwise. Besides, you may only fill 3 boxes in one game, but Pokemon Bank is meant to be used for future generations, not just X/Y, meaning that you will fill up over time.



rjejr said:

@Morphtorok -That was my initial question. If this works w/ future games what if somebody has a 3DS now and then buys a 2DS? Or a 4DS?
I'd never do business w/ a bank that made me only use 1 branch or 1 teller or 1 ATM. Its useless if its locked to 1 piece of hardware and nobody should ever never ever pay for that limitation.



Gioku said:

@9999CoinPorygon hahaha! I laughed way too much at your comment, lol!
That's basically what moving Pokémon from the Gen.V games is, huh? It's the Pokémon Rapture!



Tasartir said:

@rjejr: Then, I guess - the system transfer?

I personally love the idea. And the fee is small, mainly it will pay for the maintenance costs.



KittenKoder said:

All my predictions for the direction of the game interface are coming true ... finally. LOL



Wolf_Link said:

Is This tool only for BW/2? What about DP? I have been retired since that gen and I'm planning to return. My charizard needs to melt new 'mons



Emaan said:

I like this option o:

I'll be too busy catching all the Kalos Pokemon to worry much about my others. I can wait until December. I'm just excited to get the game in 7 days



sinalefa said:

I need more information but the price is really affordable and the free trial is a sweet thing. I can see if I care about it or not without spending anything. I am not sure if you can transfer between B/W and B/W 2 by using the bank. If that is the case I won't have to buy a second system to transfer them.



TheOmega said:

Wait a second. Since Japan is getting Poke Transporter first, wouldn't it be possible for the people in America and Europe to get older pokemon from generation five? It's just a theory mostly because of wonder trade and the G.T.S.

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