Take it to the bank. The Pokémon bank!

Nintendo and Game Freak have announced during today's Pokémon Direct broadcast that they are launching Pokémon Bank, a cloud-based service which will allow players to upload their Pokémon online and retrieve them for use in later titles.

With previous game in the popular series, you'd spend a lot of time training up your Pokémon only to abandon them and start over when a new Pokémon title was released. With Pokémon Bank — a concept which Nintendo has been tinkering with for around five years — players will be able to preserve their characters for years to come. Up to 3,000 Pokémon can be stored using the service and a free trial period will be available when it eventually goes live.

The catch is that Pokémon Bank will require a yearly fee to use — an understandable move when you consider the maintenance costs involved, but rather cheeky when you look at how many mobile titles offer similar functionality for free and don't require you to purchase a full-price retail game. Still, it's an interesting idea and one that will no doubt please the vast majority of seasoned Pokémon fans, and according to regular Japanese broadcast translator @Cheesemeister3k it'll cost just 500 Yen a year in Japan, which is around $5 — naturally the price in the West could vary.

What are your thoughts on Pokémon Bank? Is this something that Nintendo should be charging for? Cast your vote in the poll below.

Do you think that Nintendo should charge a fee for using Pokémon Bank? (227 votes)

  1. Yes - it's what I've wanted for years and will need a lot of work from Nintendo's perspective40%
  2. No - cloud-based services like this should be added value rather than fee-based26%
  3. I'm undecided on the matter - I'll wait and see before I commit to the service26%
  4. I don't mind either way, as I'm not really interested in Pokémon X & Y8%

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