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Pokémon X & Y Soundtrack Features 212 Tracks

Posted by Andy Green

Gotta listen to 'em all!

During the Pokémon Video Game Championships last week, series producer Junichi Masuda announced Pokémon X & Y would be getting a soundtrack released on iTunes shortly after the launch of the two games.

The Pokémon Company has now confirmed it will contain a whopping 212 tracks and will last for over three and a half hours - we'd all better get charging our mp3 players.

However, it turns out the digital-only copy has evolved into a physical version, but sadly it will only emerge in Japan, which is a shame as the CD comes with bonus tracks and an extensive 28-page booklet featuring development details, background information and some lovely Pokémon artwork we imagine.

There's no official confirmation of the digital release, but the physical copy of the soundtrack will arrive on 13th November in Japan so it's likely to be around then.

What are your thoughts on the soundtrack? Will you be downloading it? Let us know in the comment section below.


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King47 said:

I would love that things get Japan only releases.
I would like it if x and y had different music.



sinalefa said:

No, I don't want to download it. Of course I want a localization of that physical copy. Must be multi CD or I don't see how will they fit 212 tracks in a single disc.



Megumi said:

Why can't Nintendo do this for more of their games? :c
Like with Dream Team, that music is just awesome, deserves an OST.



keef said:

If I decide I want it I'll probably import the CD. And it'll have to be a 3 disc set, as CD standards only allow for a maximum of 99 tracks and about 80 minutes per disc.



ShortSleevedNook said:

@Erica_Hartmann Nintendo, Capcom, SEGA, ALL GAME PUBLISHERS need to get doing this!

Even though SEGA has been putting some stuff on iTunes recently...but many of their albums are missing certain tracks...get your act straight guys!



ShadowFox254 said:

Just got back into playing Pokémon. Damn, a lot has change since Red, Blue, and Yellow, but no worries still playing the game at a competitive level.



b23cdq said:

If I download, I won't pay for it. I'm considering importing, though.



unrandomsam said:

@sinalefa You can just order it from play-asia or whatever. (It is where I got the Final Fantasy VI - Piano Collections and Grand Finale from wasn't really that expensive at all.)



PokemonManiac said:

Maybe the soundtrack will be released as a club Nintendo reward in north America? I don't get why they don't release it worldwide it's not like it won't sell well.



Megumi said:

@MasterWario Yeah, because it does get annoying trying to put together a soundtrack yourself...downloading from Youtube or looking for the MP3s. (not to mention making sure the volume levels are equal and small stuff like that. :/ )



Wonder_Ideal said:

I would love to have a Pokemon soundtrack. I really hope that they do release a physical copy, because I would rather not go the iTunes route.



mmarkster said:

Doesn't matter if I get the physical our digital version. I'll just copy it to my 3DS.

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