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Official Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Twitter Account Claims It's Still Down For A 2013 European Release

Posted by Andy Green

Well, this is confusing

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy was originally pencilled in for a 2013 release date in Europe, but all that changed at the end of last month when Nintendo stated in its financial reports that it was being pushed back to 2014.

However, in another bizarre twist, the official Twitter account for the game has now said it will still be emerging in the region this year:

The highly-anticipated 3DS RPG has always been scheduled for a 2014 release for North America and was only announced for Western release in a Nintendo Direct back in April.

We'll be sure to let you know as soon as we get confirmation of a release date.


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element187 said:

Maybe the twitter account is bogus.

Some how I doubt it will be in Europe in 2013.... doesn't matter anyways, I'm in North America and I wont see this until next year

Maybe 12 months is enough time for them to come up with a better working title than Bravely Default



ricklongo said:

Between Bravely Default, A Link Between Worlds and Pokémon, there are so many RPG/adventure games coming to the 3DS it's not even funny. Given how time-consuming those games tend to be, it's gonna be hard to find time for them all. I sure as heck will try, though.



Emblem said:

The awesome lineup of upcoming games between 3DS, Wii U and my PC is jam packed right now so i don't mind waiting for this. I'm also waiting for a few PS3 titles to come out so my calender is looking full and my wallet is looking at me in fear lol.



fushimushi said:

@Emblem You're lucky you even have a wallet to look at XD My wallet already left me the moment I stuffed games on my wishlist for this year and next year.



DiscoGentleman said:

I'm gonna try to keep the release date snafu out of my mind so the days go by quicker.
I can't wait for this game. Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes Of Light was so good, I'm sure Braverly Default will be even better.



Csaw said:

If it is coming in 2013 we'll probably find out in the nintendo direct. Not that it matters for me since I'll have to wait until next year anyway.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

I just hope it makes it to North America in early 2014. EU has been getting games early with Nintendo for a few months now, so good for them. They were getting left behind quite a bit, and still are in some cases.

Hopefully the Wii U can pick up steam in EU, as sales have been awfully weak over there. It's not entirely their fault, however. Nintendo needs to deliver some games for the Wii U. Pikmin 3 was a good start.



Souflee said:

Hope they talk about this in tomorows European direct, this , fire emblem and pokemon all in one year, too much
Still mad about not getting Beyond the Labyrinth though .



ToniK said:

I'm kinda picky when it comes to RPGs but this one I actually find interesting. I just can't but think that maybe owning both 3DS and U is a bit overkill



ToniK said:

I do. I've had Wii U since february. I'm just afraid that I can't afford or find the time to play all the games I'd want. Especially when all the awesome Wii U games start to appear. First world problems, and all that...



Marshi said:

@ToniK ha ha yeah I hear you. Gaming is an expensive hobby. Especially if your like me and have to have all the latest consoles!

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