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Nicalis Teases SNES-Style JRPG Title For 3DS

Posted by Damien McFerran

Excited yet?

Nicalis has taken to Twitter to tease a new project for the 3DS which combines Japanese role-playing with SNES-style music.

A long-time supporter of the 3DS eShop, Nicalis has previously given us titles such as VVVVVV and Ikachan. There's no news on what this mystery game could be, but given the company's track record we're getting quite excited.

What are your thoughts on this cheeky tease? Leave a comment to tell us.


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MeWario said:

I'd always feared that Nicalis' games would be overrated. I've since played them all, and they are AMAZING!



Magikarp3 said:

Wait, are they making the title or just publishing it? Because the latter would take ~two years and the former would take three. It's a little early to get excited

not to mention we're still waiting on a few more games that they'd teased a while ago



Smitherenez said:

Well, let's hope this game will reach the EU eShop shores. Still waiting for Cave Story!



Stuffgamer1 said:

What's with the bait-and-switch, dudes? SNES-style game promised in the article title, game with SNES-style music in the article itself. That's not the same thing! :/



Rief said:

Nope, i'm not excited.
What does SNES-Style music mean?
Less instruments, channels and with that, less quality?
Sorry, i'm no graphic or sound whore, but why not use what can be used and instead using out of date-things?



unrandomsam said:

I doubt they will do anything very well. It will likely be a port at between 4 and 8 times the price of something I already have.

If it is as good as the best SNES Music that would be fine. (Hell if it is as good as the Mother 3 soundtrack than GBA quality would be fine).

The Famicom version of Castlevania 3 has good enough music even.

The thing about when people go for xxx style they never seem to compete with the best only the middle of the road. (I would rather them just not bother).



unrandomsam said:

Look at the mess they caused for La Mulana (And pity any dev who decides to work with them).

(Ignore the above if they are making it themselves because then obviously they should be able to do what they like).



lebad said:

Please FIRST try to unlock Cave story + for European eShop. Please, please please -_-

We know from an old news that it's in Nintendo Hands BUT you (@Nicalis) can surely do something ?????



DiscoGentleman said:

Feel bad for the EU folk up here

But, I am super excited because SNES-style JRPG gets my heart beating.

Not sure what they mean by SNES-style music. Hopefully, it'll be something creatively put together that is reminiscent of SNES era midis, but with more depth; the 3DS can produce a lot of complex sounds compared to the DS.



Rief said:

@WinterWarm Yeah, Retro is fine and all, but a new game isn't retro, even if it has outdated graphics and music. This is just being lazy.



Rief said:

@WinterWarm Which i don't really like, and it is NOT Retro. Something can only be Retro if it has a specific age.
I can't call my WiiU Retro, because it isn't. Retro-styled is a whole other thing, though. But when it comes to games, retro-styled doesn't mean it has retrographics or sound, but retro-like Gameplay.



RR529 said:

They put out fantastic games, and are one of my favorite eShop publishers (VVVVVV, Cave Story, & NightSky are all must haves, if they're available in your territory), but my word do they take a long time to release anything.

You'd think we'd have Yatagratsu & Guxt by now. Both of which were previously announced.



Plutonian said:

VVVVVV music was incredible. Great news from Nicalis, can't what to see the product.



Windy said:

Ummm ahhhh.....sorry Europe but if Nicalis brings out such a game my Current boycott might have to come to an end against them.
I'm currently boycotting Nicalis because they haven't released Cave Story yet to Europe. But this just looks to juicy to pass up. If its any consolation. I will keep Ikachan and VVVVVV off my system until Cave story gets the release. I had downloaded Nightsky before my ban started and gotta say pretty incredible

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