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Feature: The World of Pikmin 3 on Miiverse

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Now that the world's had time to explore

In case you haven't seen it, our video man Rory Cocker has spent the past weeks documenting Pikmin behaviour on Planet PNF-404, bravely filming while trying to send fruit to Nintendo Life HQ to satisfy our snacking habits. If he really wanted to send us some goodies he'd persuade his Pikmin masses to find some chocolate or cake, but we'll have to make do with a surprisingly shiny lemon and assorted other fruit.

In honour of his heroic efforts, we decided to dive into the Pikmin 3 Miiverse community, now that plenty of gamers have had a lot of exploration time themselves, to see what others are reporting from Planet PNF-404. Some have opted for humour, others have taken nice pictures (in which case we'll forgive their spelling) and some have illustrated their surroundings — though the Art Academy: SketchPad community has some impressive examples.

So below are 10 of our favourites that we've spotted recently — click on the headings to jump to the Miiverse page and dish out approving 'Yeahs', and share your own favourite posts in the comments below.











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darkev9001 said:

i have been playing, only one captain has a soul, charlie. He was the only one yelling save the pikmin whilr he was in danger.



Megumi said:

Is it just me or does the game look better when in First-Person view? (camera mode) lol



Tuurtledove said:

Glad Miiverse has been getting some features recently. It's such a unique and immersive application after all. And besides the Gamepad I would personally consider the main selling-point of the WiiU



suburban_sensei said:

I lost it at "Draw me like one of your French girls". That was hilarious! After just having my Wii U a day, I am still learning about the Miiverse, but it seems really cool, and makes you feel a lot more connect than most Nintendo consoles. I know this is a stupid question, but how do you take snapshots from games to post them on Miiverse posts? Thanks in advance!



zeldagaymer93 said:

@suburban_sensei You have to hit the "Home" button then click on miiverse. Then when you go to post in the top right will be an "add picture" button and you select either whats on the gamepad screen or television screen.



NorthLightSuplx said:

Gotta love the Miiverse. I have spent so many hours on it.

R.I.P. E3 2013 community. You stole many hours of my life.



Marshi said:

Guys help,my console has been banned from miiverse. I have no idea why,all I do is art on the art academy app,but im perma banned!what can I do?i love miiverse and honestly havnt broken ANY code of conduct rules!



sinalefa said:

This game just arrived today at the mail, so I will pick it up tomorrow. No game has made me interest in Miiverse, maybe this one will do it.



JaxonH said:

Contact Nintendo Customer Support. Not sure what country you're in but Nintendo of America's phone number is 800-255-3700. Are you sure you're banned? I mean, is it possible you just don't have your internet connection set up properly to access Miiverse? Or something along those lines? I guess what I'm asking is, what exactly gave you the impression you're banned? Did you get a message stating that or does it just not connect?

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