Rory to Koppai, Rory to Koppai! Mayday! Mayday! Emergency distress transmission, Foxtrot 249. I am broadcasting from an unknown location, do you copy? We've got a situation over here! I've crash landed on a strange planet that's home to a bunch of dangerous predators, and a disturbing lack of unencrypted Wi-Fi.

I've managed to befriend the more amiable denizens of this verdant homeworld, which I am tentatively titling PNF-404. These creatures are capable of incredible displays of intelligence. Most of my equipment was destroyed in the wreckage. Luckily, my KopPad - including its nifty camera - is still fully functional.

I have documented the behaviour of these extraordinary creatures in the attached video log. Please take the footage to the lab for extensive analysis, Echo Callsign-Actual Bogie Foxtrot Tango. Oh, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Over and out.