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Video: Codemasters Co-Founder David Darling Talks Game Genie, Micro Machines And More

Posted by Damien McFerran

Industry veteran speaks exclusively to Nintendo Life

Codemasters is one of the UK's long-running video game studios and was founded by brothers David and Richard Darling way back in 1986. Although both have since parted company with the firm, they've left an incredible legacy which covers a variety of platforms, including the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.

We were immensely grateful to be able to spend some time with David Darling at the offices of his new company, Kwalee. In the following interview, David talks about how Codemasters became involved with the NES, how it came up with the concept for Micro Machines and how it changed US law with the ground-breaking Game Genie cheat cartridge.

Apologies for the poor sound quality and the interruption of a police siren at one point — the room in which the interview was conducted was very hot owing to the unnaturally balmy UK weather at present, so all the windows had to be left open.

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Peach64 said:

I'll have to wait til I get home from work to watch the video, but I love Code Masters, especially Micro Machines. Turbo Tournament 96 was easily my most played Megadrive game thanks to the extra controller ports on the cartridge. TOCA Touring Cars and Colin McRae were another two great series of racing games too.



DePapier said:

Is he the one not bringing F1 2013 to the Wii U and bringing "F1-Super-Star-something" instead??



MAB said:

Cosmic Spacehead was a cool adventure/platformer hybrid on Megadrive



Katzii said:

@MadAussieBloke Cosmic Spacehead is a brill game; unfortunately it frequently gets marred because of the prequel, Linus Spacehead, and people who believe everything that YouTube videos say.



MAB said:

@Katzii That is why it was better playing consoles & games back in the day... Back when we actually played games instead of viewing other people whine about them



OorWullie said:

Codemasters always released quality back in the day,or it seemed so at the time.Any Spectrum game that had their name on it I would buy without needing to read any reviews first.The Dizzy games were a huge part of my childhood,I even managed to finish 1,Treasure Island Dizzy.Great times



OorWullie said:

@MadAussieBloke Never did get to play that and would have completely forgotten about it had you not posted that.Pete Sampras tennis was another quality game from them.Brian Lara Cricket was supposed to be good as well was it not?



MAB said:

@OorWullie yeah I owned BL Cricket on Megadrive... Great game and I can't wait to play Ashes 2013 eventually



ricklongo said:

To this day, Micro Machines V4 for the PC is the one game I play the most in the multiplayer sessions I do with my friends. A Micro Machines for the Wii U would be a freaking dream.



ricklongo said:

Okay, 20 seconds in, I have to say he totally reminds me of Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite.



banacheck said:

OorWullie:The Dizzy games were a huge part of my childhood,I even managed to finish 1,Treasure Island Dizzy.Great times.

I had Magicland Dizzy, Spellbound Dizzy & Treasure Island Dizzy on the Commodore 64, Codemasters are very good dev's. I still need to pick-up GRID 2 after i finish some PS3 games & Pikmin3 which i'm playing now, GRID was an excellent racer.



Tasuki said:

Were they part of Galoob? Cause thats who did both the Game Genie and Micro Machines here in the US.



Damo said:

@daviddarling Welcome to the site David, and thanks again for having me in the office. I'll bring a proper microphone next time as the audio on our camera isn't fantastic!



daviddarling said:

@ogo79 what info do you have about it? I remember Dino Racers, I think it was a game we never released. I can't remember Demon Dinosaurs.

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