Michel Ancel is a vital creative leader at Ubisoft, and enjoys a level of popularity with some fans not always reserved for his employers. He's also the project leader for Rayman Legends, the former Wii U exclusive that's endured delays in order to accommodate a multi-platform release; that extra time was used to produce additional content.

Ancel recently sat down with gamereactor.es for a chat, during which he addressed some important topics related to Legends and its route to the market. For one thing, he was honest and said his perceived support for #FreeRayman earlier in the year wasn't a clear attempt at dissent against his employers, admitting that it seemed like a fun idea that snowballed into a wider issue.

In terms of the Wii U, Ancel made it clear that when development extended for the wider release, the instruction came from above that all additional progress was to be included on the Wii U. Nintendo's system was the creative inspiration behind the project's initial steps, of course, and Ancel believes that the Wii U's challenges are related to making the message clear, and also allowing for consumers to essentially catch-up with the innovation of the system's setup, something that he relates to the DS.

When the Wii U version was finished] could have said 'stop the Wii U version and only develop content for Xbox 360 and PS3. But the message was 'we will continue to Wii U, adding content to Wii U', and the main excitement that we had for that particular game was working on the Wii U, working with Nintendo. Work with development kits, discovering the Wii U... so we went with that positive energy to the end.

The thing with the Wii U is that is not easy for the mass market to understand what's cool inside of it.

I see it at home, when people say 'look, we have that console, it has a touch screen (which looks like a big smartphone or a tablet)' ... and people don't directly connect all these things as a system and see the fun... it takes time... That is the risk when you innovate: perhaps people are not as fast as you.

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Thanks to David Caballero for getting in touch.

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