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Video: Check Out Donkey Kong at this Nintendo World Launch Event

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Credit to the guy in the outfit

The Nintendo World store in New York recently hosted a launch event for Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, where attendees had the chance to enjoy other games featuring the mascot, pick up some goodie bags and meet the ape himself.

Events such as these, as well as expos and similar occasions, give gamers a chance to have fun and, ultimately, indulge in the casual fantasy of it all. This particular launch party featured some neat looking displays of the history of DK, while there was lots of posing with the mascot himself — we can imagine the individual in the suit got a tad warm.

A fan filmed the event, of course, which is posted for your amusement below.

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Captain_Gonru said:

Nice. Always loved those games. It was curious that the NES carts were never shown in the vintage game display. I know DK and DK Jr. were both on one cart for that system, and maybe individually, too. And where was DK3?



seronja said:

man i got chills when i watched this, so much nostalgia went in my veins when i saw the rareware logo on a DK cartridge =D and lol'd when i saw iwata hahaha



NintyMan said:

Cool, it would've been fun being there. Nice DK game displays too. Plus, we all should've known Iwata was referencing Donkey Kong all along with those bananas!



DanielWW said:

OMG my childhood with the song and the snes games, even the 64 i wanna cry, they should make another donkey king country but with the ol' king k rool and the not cartoony stuff that "returns" brought, i loved how real the counrty looked with its pixels! D: seriously wee need one of thoose on the wii u



Ketchupcat said:

"Guy in the outfit"?
You mean... there's no such thing as Donkey Kong?
Yeah, right. What's next? Santa and the Easter Bunny?



sinalefa said:

As some people here, I am also old enough to remember when the DKC games appeared. A friend bought it and we would compete to get all the DK coins in the second one.

Nice to see all the different games in their original editions for the fun history lesson.



Galactus said:

Great video. Makes me want to go play Returns 3D! I feel bad for whoever is playing the Godawful Barrel Blast...



zoroarkrules25 said:

Wow cool event, i would have gone if i knew about it. I can't wait to see what they will do for x and y.



WaveBoy said:

Favorite DK experience had to of been hitting up the original Donkey Kong Cabinet at my local Chuck E Cheese back when i was a wee' little Icarus. And although i found the SNES Country series to be visually dazzling & unique, i just didn't really find them to be that enjoyable....The depth & controls felt second rate when stacked up the brilliant Super Mario World. Yet I'm dieing to get a set of bongo's and play me some Jungle Beat and of course finally fire up my copy of DKC returns on the Wii.



dumedum said:

When I get a chance to be in New York I always go to the events. I went to the Zelda symphony one, and the Kirby one and got lots of free stuff, including a game and a shirt, and I went for the Luigi one which was excellent too.

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