Game over man, game over!

'80s movie icon Michael Biehn has been speaking to Major Nelson about his role in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, and appears to be pretty pleased with how the game went. He has revealed that "around a hundred" fans have already been in contact to tell him how much they like the game, and that he has high hopes for a sequel.

It's a shame then that Biehn's other recent video game outing didn't meet with quite the same response. He provided the voice of Corporal Dwayne Hicks in the ongoing train-wreck that is Aliens: Colonial Marines, and admitted that he's not had any fan mail regarding that particular title:

I did an Aliens game last year that nobody really talked about very much. I never really heard too much about it.

I heard when it came out. Nobody ever came up to me afterwards and said 'Oh, that Aliens game was really good', or whatever.

Biehn also admitted that he doesn't currently own a console, so if he's planning on seeing just why he hasn't heard any positive things about Gearbox's game, he should probably avoid the Wii U — because the Nintendo version was cancelled last month.