So, yesterday there was some confusion. Kevin Conroy, the well-known voice of Batman, spoke about appearing in Batman: Arkham Origins, or so we thought, before it then emerged that a new actor was voicing the younger Caped Crusader. We rationalised that Conroy would probably appear as the grisly old Batman's voice narrating events, as that seemed like one of the only logical conclusions.

As it transpires, it looks like Conroy was inadvertently talking about the next Arkham game, which is expected to be developed by Rocksteady for a likely arrival in 2014. He used his shiny new — and official — Twitter account to say the following:

Confusion in Dallas. I am in new Arkham game coming soon, not Arkham Origins coming this fall.

Naturally, once someone in the PR department nudged him, the tweet was deleted; it was helpfully captured by It seems that Conroy may have mistaken the reveal of Origins for the game he's working on, until he attempted to correct himself in a tweet.

This doesn't reveal anything particularly surprising, but seems to confirm that Conroy won't feature at all in the upcoming release this year, but looks set to return in the series' fourth home console title in 2014. What we have learnt is that when you post on Twitter, the secret's out for good.