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Luigi's Mansion 2 Spooks Its Way Into UK Top Ten

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

LEGO City Undercover can't quite crack the case

Last week saw two notable new releases on Nintendo platforms in the UK, with Luigi's Mansion 2 — known as Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon in some regions — hitting 3DS, and LEGO City Undercover landing on Wii U.

Luigi's ghost-filled adventure enjoyed the best performance of the two, coming in at 5th place in the UK's all-format software chart, an excellent result for the handheld exclusive. TT Fusion's LEGO City Undercover didn't hit those heights, and it didn't match the dual platform release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate's placing in 7th last week; Chase McCain's investigation made its chart debut in 12th place.

As for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS and Wii U, it saw a dramatic fall from its top ten debut, just barely hanging onto the top 40 in 39th place.

The Year of Luigi is off to a pretty good start in the UK, though the Wii U's recent big-hitters have perhaps had a fairly modest impact; with that said Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate did contribute to a Wii U hardware sales increase of 125% last week. Let us know what you think of these results in the comments below.


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RetroBillyT said:

It would be interesting to get an idea of the game sales including the e-Shop downloads...



Grubdog said:

Lego City's sales are baffling me, the Miiverse isn't too popular either. It's by far the best game on Wii U and uses all of Wii U's features very well. What are gamers doing?



GazPlant said:

@Grubdog 12th in an all-format chart is a great achievement for a console with such a small fanbase. It's sold really well considering



Farmboy74 said:

Like Monster Hunter, I feel that you either like the Lego Games or you don't. Lego City has a lot of good humour and it's open world. It boils down to if you like collecting studs and blocks as in previous Lego Games. 12th place in the all format charts is a respectable position. How many WII U owners brought the machine just to play Lego City in the Uk?



Exile20 said:

Distribution and shipping by Nintendo is horrible. There are shortages everywhere. You aren't releasing games yet when they get released you have all these shortages in all territory. What if there were Wii U releases every week? What the hell would happen?



wariosmith said:

I'm loving Lego City apart from the load times... geeeeeees from turning the WiiU on to actually playing is 5+ mins. NLife - any rumours of a upcoming patch for the game to help load times??



Peach64 said:

I predicted top 5 for Luigi when commenting on the Japanese sales Very much deserved. I just hope Fire Emblem does well as that's far less known than Luigi.

As for Lego City, it might have sold more than MH did. MH got 7th spot but that was both versions combined, and the 3DS one sold more. I think both of them have sold really well when you consider how few Wii Us are out there.



MonsieurRosbif said:

Loving Luigi's Mansion, and perhaps a couple of years back would have gone for something like Lego City, but time's short, the weather's picking up and I can't see myself spending 40+ hours on another 'open world' game in the coming months...



Giygas_95 said:

I finished it last night, and it was great. Had some of the best bosses I've seen in a while, my favorite being the old clockworks boss.



LavaTwilight said:

Especially when you consider it's an exclusive!
The results are good. Bit worrying about MH3U though, I hope that doesn't happen with LegoCity. I've got both LCU and LM2 but I haven't played the latter yet. Still engrossed with taking down Monsieur Fury.



Rapadash6 said:

Both great games, and I know as I am currently playing through both of them, but I really have to give the nod to Lego City. I haven't had so much fun with a game in quite some time, at least not in this particular way. Ironically, I've never played a sandbox game that I liked before, and I was sceptical of this one luring me in, but with the Wii U software release schedule bone dry, I took a chance on it, and never looked back. Hopefully others will give this game the same chance, as it certainly deserves more attention than its getting. Not to downplay Luigi's Mansion, as that too is a fun game, but we all knew that game was going to be successful.



potomas said:

Well considering none of the shops in my town sell these games its not surprising.tesco and asda have not had a new Nintendo release this year.



andrea987 said:

@Grubdog Never had much faith in UK gaming population. But yes, Lego City really is a gem. Is doing better everywhere else, apparently, so good news for TT.



Captain_Balko said:

@Five-seveN You liked the Old Clockworks boss best? I just beat Old Clockworks yesterday (I'm still working on the fourth Mansion) and I was almost underwhelmed with the boss... I mean (SPOILERS ALERT FOR ANYBODY WHO IS STILL PLAYING THROUGH THE GAME), it was just twelve waves of random enemies that you have to fight with a time limit on a giant clock. I mean, it was better than that stupid staircase, but I thought it paled in comparison to the awesome giant spider in the first mansion - I feel like that one was much harder and more satisfying once you figured it out.



Giygas_95 said:

@Captain_Balko Yes, I like the third boss best. And I'll even defend the [SPOILER] staircase boss because, though it was easy, who'd have thought of making a boss out of a staircase? [END OF SPOILER] Anyway, yes I like the first boss a lot too. (Fourth boss was good too, but a little infuriating.)



SPUD said:

Luigi's Mansion 2 is great fun. A brilliant game, with fantastic 3d visuals, Why cant you keep your spoilers to yourself? You annoy my happiness!



MrL1193 said:

@Five-seveN: Well, keep in mind that it's easy to accidentally glance past spoiler warnings if they're jammed right up against the actual spoilers. I've been on some sites that recommend adding extra white space between the warnings and the spoilers themselves, and I personally think that helps a good bit. (Not that I'm saying you didn't try; it's just a suggestion...)

On Topic: This seems encouraging, I suppose, but we'll have to wait and see how sales hold up in coming months...



StarDust4Ever said:

Meh. If you are reading posts on a gaming forum, and you chance to spoil the game you plan on playing, well it's your own fault for reading the posts. Whenever I buy strategy guides, I only open them when I get stuck in the game. Then when I finish the main quest, I'll use the guide extensively to unlock all the stuff I missed during my first playthrough.

IMHO, spoilers are something rich punks put on there cars because they think it makes them look cool.



SparkOfSpirit said:

I've been enjoying Dark Moon WAY more than the original. And I liked the original.

I'm glad to see it doing well!



kaptenSwe said:

hmm... Should I buy lego city undercover the chase begins or Luigi's mansion 2...I no that Luigi's mansion 2 is good but if the chase begins is good like the wiiu version, I will buy it to my 3ds.

Sorry for my bad English. I'm from Sweden.



DangerousDreams said:

Ok, Now we're barely starting to see games that could move hardware, especially for the 3ds. Luigi's mansion 2 looks freaking awesome.
I want it, I want it now!



Giygas_95 said:

@kaptenSwe Hard to say...Luigi's Mansion 2 is really good, but I haven't played either Lego City Undercover game yet. I really want them both though.

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