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Zen Studios: Wii U eShop is an "Amazing Development for Nintendo"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"The doors are wide open for other small studios"

Best known for its pinball titles — though it has dabbled in other genres — Zen Studios earned a starring role in the final Nintendo Direct broadcasts of last year when Zen Pinball 2 was announced for the Wii U eShop. Initially expected in December, it's been pushed back from that original target due to its setup as a free download with extensive DLC — the free app will give access to demos of tables, with packs and individual content sold separately.

It'll be the first game setup of its kind on a Nintendo system, which explains why more time is required to get the infrastructure in place. While the delay and wait for other new games on the Wii U eShop continues, however, the studio has positive things to say about the platform. Speaking to us in an interview to be published later today, the company's VP of Marketing & Public Relations, Mel Kirk, described the support from Nintendo when porting the game to the system, and picked up on the message from various other developers that the Wii U eShop is a service open to smaller studios.

We have experienced the same challenges that are presented on any new platform or device. Nintendo’s support has been excellent, we really could not have asked for more support from them. Overall, it has been an extremely positive experience and I think the doors are wide open for other small studios to bring games to the Wii U. This is an amazing development for Nintendo; huge, positive changes have been made since the days of WiiWare.

The positive comparisons against WiiWare, thankfully, keep coming. Check back later today for the full interview where we discuss the performance of the Zen Studio's pinball titles on 3DS, while learning more about the upcoming Wii U release.

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EvilLucario said:

Nice. I'll go download this whenever I get the chance. I have the first Zen Pinball game on my 3DS, and I'm craving some more pinball action.

Bring it on, Zen Studios!



datamonkey said:

I think these positive changes to eshop and the Unity deal were a necessity for the big N as it doesn't look like the big devs and publishers are gonna support WiiU massively. At least that's what the early indications seem to suggest.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Lan: free demos, but I expect they'll be time-limited or only one-ball play for demo purposes. Then you'd just buy what tables took your fancy.

Nice to see the positive words continuing. I'm hoping that regardless of large 3rd party publisher support the Wii U will become as popular with small/indie developers as iOS and Android are.



luminalace said:

I will be dl'ing ZP2 straight away. I have both Zen made Pinball games on 3DS and can't wait for it. I hope it really is coming next week!



Smitherenez said:

It's good to hear that the 'doors are wide open' for (small) developers. But, where are the games!?



SethNintendo said:

Have both on 3DS and will download this and buy the tables that aren't on the 3DS versions.



Lalivero said:

This will be an insta-buy for me as well! I like the idea of buying tables that interest me.



Everly said:

Zen Pinball is going to be my first eShop download. Really looking forward to it!



Captain_Balko said:

That 'Plants Vs. Zombies' table looks awesome. They did a great job with Marvel Pinball on 3DS, so if there are lots of other interesting, video game themed tables, I'll download it.

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