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Trine 2 Magic Mayhem DLC Appears Unlikely To Happen

Posted by Andy Green

Developer confirms Trine 3 will happen, eventually

Trine 2: Director's Cut has proven to be a popular title in the Wii U eShop for many reasons. It's a very good game for a start, something we pointed out in our Trine 2: Director's Cut review, and it has some of the most glorious HD visuals ever seen on a home console; it really showed what Wii U was capable of from the off.

Considering the series' popularity it's probably not going to come as a surprise to hear that the game's developer, Frozenbyte, has stated Trine 3 will be made at some point in the future — however it won't be happening any time soon. In an interview with Gaming Bolt, Frozenbyte spoke about what it has planned for 2013:

We will be moving on to other IP as we feel this is the best way for us to grow as a company. 2013 will be quite a year for us and we aim to please with some cool announcements. As for the Trine franchise, it is clearly our most successful so far making a third instalment a no brainer. Having said that, we don’t want it to feel like Trine 2.5, but rather a large leap and something even more awe inspiring. So that might take a while.

In our interview with Frozenbyte's sales and marketing manager Mikael Haveri we learnt that the Magic Mayhem DLC pack, which was intended to be a Wii U exclusive, was currently "on the backburner", and it looks as though this is still the case with the developer saying it will be weighing up whether to work on future DLC or to concentrate on creating a third Trine game.

Frozenbyte clearly sees the potential in Wii U and has often commented on the indie-friendliness of the new platform. It stopped short of commenting on what the future may hold for the Wii U eShop, but did go on to say that so far "it is the console to beat".

What are your thoughts on this? Would you be disappointed if Magic Mayhem never saw the light of day on Trine 2: Director's Cut? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Jellitoe said:

I would have bought it / Will buy it whether is comes as DLC or a a third version of the game for Wii U or PC.



Bluezealand said:

They already said back in December, that the update is ready and that they are only waiting for the ok of Nintendo.



Obywan said:

Still waiting for the update Frozenbyte. I bought it weeks ago because of the sale and I'm just waiting for the dang update to start playing it!!



Lopezdm said:

well if the new ip is going on the wiiu for sure and they are growing their brand i'm cool with it. if they are ditching the system.... shame OK on you.



Pikachupwnage said:

Hoping all that cool stuff hits Wii U. And considering trine 2 has sold best on Wii U and how positive frozenbyte is about eshop it likely will.



lovejit said:

I don't want to loose faith in you, if your going to commit to something then please do.
Trine 2 is no.1 on the eShop charts.
Even if you were to charge for an update I'm sure people would EVEN be willing to pay for it, I know I would be
I guess its just an Epic Fail if it Magic Fail doesn't get released.

.....anyways Trine 3! regardless of when it's released, I'm buying it.



DerpSandwich said:

I might feel differently if I had bought the game and looked forward to this DLC, but from here I think they should just focus on other stuff and eventually give us a whole new Trine.



soracloud28 said:

Really want that update to use pro controller and online voice chat. Also please complete magic mayhem. I will gladly give you more money for more frozen byte goodness.



V8_Ninja said:

Although it's sad to see exclusive content be on the edge of existing, if Frozenbyte feels it is right and better to focus on future projects than so be it. I really need to play Trine 2 and it was even on sale for a good price during the Steam Winter sale...



luminalace said:

I am still waiting for Trine 2 to release in Australia so I can purchase it. Before DLC, I need to first be able to play Trine 2!



cornishlee said:

I enjoyed Trine 2 and will probably buy a sequel. If they have ideas they'd like to develop before then then I look forward to hearing more. It would be a bit odd if they just produced the same game over and over so I'm not really sure how this is news.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm generally more interested in the new rather than expanding the old. Really makes no difference to me as long as they release quality software on my platform of choice.



3dbrains said:

Whatever hey decide to do, I hope they bring it to WiiU & 3DS and really make the consoles shine. They have earned a LOT of respect for this launch game. It would be wise of them to keep it.

As for the DLC for Trine2... I would buy it. Nearly finished goblin menace extras now.

As for Trine3... I can wait... this game will last a while, many routes and puzzles I skipped this time that I'd like to go back to. plus it's online and its really quite good!



kdognumba1 said:

Well I certainly hope it does, I bought Trine 2 on the Wii U in specific because it had the DLC.



lovejit said:

FROZENBYTE! If you are reading this Right now.
Please give us the update you promised.
You've created such a great game atleast maintain your updates to us



SparkOfSpirit said:

An e-shop version of Trine 1 would be nice at least! There is no good console version of it to play, and it would be nice to tide fans over until 3.



DarkCoolEdge said:

Trine and Trine 2 for just 7'49€ in Steam's Holyday sales.
It can't be ignored. People will say that they shouldn't be compared but they are wrong. Same product, very different price.



aronatvw said:

i didnt even now about the dlc, i care more about voice chat on multiplayer for extended playability. I also bought this game on sale anticipating it all ready had voice chat or would soon so i could play with my buddy and strangers. i havent reccomend him getting it yet because the lack of update.



aronatvw said:

@DarkCoolEdge its the same with scribblenauts ultimate. its what 60 retail on wii u, i saw it durring the holiday for like 20 something on steam. granted i do appreciate playing gmes from the comforts of my couch, and i would not want to play that wth out the game pad!!!

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