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Rumour: Sniper Elite V2 Coming To Wii U March 21st

Posted by Damien McFerran

Taking aim

It would seem that World War II sniping simulation Sniper Elite V2 is making its way to the Wii U. US store GameStop has listed the game on its site, as has Amazon US. Amazon even goes as far as to list the release date as March 21st - clearly the retailer knows something that we don't.

Online store listings have been wrong in the past so we're not going to believe this 100% just yet, but we'd be shocked if an official announcement from publisher 505 Games isn't forthcoming in the next week or so.

Developed by UK studio Rebellion, Sniper Elite V2 was released on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC last year. A remake of the original Sniper Elite from 2005, the game boasts a grisly "X-Ray Kill Cam" which tracks the gory destruction your bullet inflicts on the insides of your hapless target.

Granted, it's not exactly a Triple A release, but new software for the Wii U can only be a good thing, right? Will you have the game in your sights? Drop a comment to tell us.


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Nintend0ro said:




Shanksta said:

I ended up not buying it on other systems, so I'll definitely look into this. I messed around in the demo pulling off different shots and its hilarious.



cornishlee said:

Not something I'm interested in and I can't imagine it'll be a big seller - the much criticised launch line-up (which I thought was good but I have never owned a PS3 or Xbox360) had more acclaimed titles than this which suffered poor sales in part due to their much earlier release on prior consoles. A "not exactly a Triple A release" is not going to perform well under those same conditions.

All of that said, all and any third party support is welcome: I just hope the poor sales of these titles aren't used as a stick to beat the Wii U with down the line. The market for major third party (or "aaa" as they're increasingly referred to for some reason) releases on the Wii U can only be judged fairly when those games come out on the Wii U simultaneously with the other supported platforms. I hope in twelve months time I'm not bewailing the absence of the Hitman/DmC equivalents.



Scollurio said:

This game is so over the top violent/realistic, celebrating the destruction of human life... not my taste, but technically very well done and a good thing that it comes to the Wii U!



TheRealThanos said:

The original version was on the Wii, so there's no reason v2 won't be published on the Wii U, in fact it's quite plausible.




I had Sniper Elite V2 for the 360, and it pains me to say I traded it in to out towards my Wii U! But it's a great game, and I'd defo purchase it again!



SageWaterDragon said:

Might purchase again if I must. My brother loves it, but I am too young for this type of thing. Maybe my brother could buy it for me, since my mom trusts him like that. Ah, the wonders of being 13.



AceTrainerAndy said:

I am going to get SNiper Ghost Warrior 2 before I get this one. I loved Sniper Ghost warrior 1, despite the obvious lack of funding. I can't imagine how good it is going to be now that they're serious.



Ichiban said:

Man, march is packed as far as wii u games go! Sniper, Rayman, Lego City, Monster Hunter, & hopefully Aliens:CM.
Things are about to get real!! Not long now!



Gigagator said:

This is great news for me! Played the demo on PC from Steam and really enjoyed it but never got round to buying it. Will definitely be picking this up on release for Wii U.

And, yeah, this is not a game for little kids so more software like this can hopefully shirk that old image of Nintendo is just for kids.



Pichuka97 said:

Saw my friend play this on 360. Looked cool so I might get it on Wii U. I want the original Xbox version to.



Oman316 said:

Im willing to give anything a go once....twice if i like it. We as consumers need to at least try these new additions to the wii u library! Granted its not gunna be for everyone, but those of us that have a little interest in these sorts of titles should at least give them the time of day......who knows, you might just enjoy it!



EaZy_T said:

So this is a sniper simulation? I'll give it a shot if it's not too actiony.



Bulbousaur said:

This game looks cool, might try it out. Hope it comes with the Hitler DLC, I wanna shoot him square in the nuts.



TheRealThanos said:

Check out the development team explaining the game:
It's definitely not too 'actiony' so I think if you're looking for a sniper sim then this is for you. It's really all about stealth, which is also explained in the video. If you have a decent PC, try out the demo that's downloadable for free.
More videos here:
PC demo here:



grenworthshero said:

If you just like sniping, this is a good game. It's realistic in the sense that it has realistic bullet physics, but the AI is some of the worst I've seen in a game. No, there aren't really any run-n-gun moments, but there is the sniper equivalent, wherein dozens of enemies storm right in front of your scope and you have to pick them off. You might think it would get old, because that's basically the entire game, but if you like the premise (just sniping with realistic bullet physics) then you'll get plenty of that, and it does it well, so it kept my nterest even if the rest of the game is sub par.

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